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Feb 28, 2023

Navigating NTIA Reporting: Insider Tips from Industry Experts

Have you won NTIA funding? Are you ready to tackle the time-consuming, detailed reporting that comes next to get your project moving forward?


Watch NTTA associate members Palmetto Engineering & Consulting and Calix in this webinar on this next stage of your journey of building a broadband business that can transform your community. Hear from Howard Gorter, CTO, Palmetto Engineering & Consulting, and Claudia Tarbell, Senior Engagement Manager for Tribal & Indigenous Communities, Calix, as they shared lessons learned from helping numerous tribal broadband service providers navigate the reporting process.  

Watch the replay to learn:

  • The ins and outs the various components of NTIA's Baseline and Annual Reports; 
  • Proven methods for reporting on the progress of your project, including critical milestones, challenges, and successes; 
  • Best practices for collecting and reporting data on project outcomes.