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Jan 24, 2023

Managed Services with Exceptional Experiences: How Broadband Providers Win

This webinar discussed key trends impacting the 2023 roadmaps for broadband service providers (BSPs), new managed services BSPs can deploy to enhance and differentiate the subscriber experience, and recommended resources to avoid missteps.

Speakers discussed the many trends driving the market for managed services, their competitive advantages, and best practices to deliver a superior end-user experience.

Competition is rising in the residential broadband market. Fiber rollout is accelerating, and mobile-powered fixed wireless has become available across the United States. A series of new entrants are poised to take market share from the unprepared. At the same time, with increasing inflation, rising interest rates, and economic uncertainty, internet service providers cannot afford to misstep. Time-to-market, deployment, and ongoing support are crtitical to be successful.


Key Topics

  • Current BSP challenges, including decline of pay TV, new competitors, and new consumer demands/needs
  • Market opportunity in managed services and the need to pivot to new service offerings and bundles
  • Support needs and best practices in deploying managed services
  • Impact on NPS and customer satisfaction