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Jan 25, 2023

Drive Loyalty by Helping Subscribers Build a Connected Home

What will you do differently in 2023 to stand out from the competition? Traditional broadband marketing routing speed and price will no longer stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. 

Guadalupe Valley Telephone Company (GVTC) recognized an opportunity to offer more than just fast internet and to help their subscribers take steps to start to build a connected home that fits with their increasingly connected lifestyle. With a home security solution, GVTC delivered a highly in-demand service to their subscribers, which in turn, increased subscriber loyalty.  


Watch Calix and Roger Lewis, Product Manager at GVTC webinar to learn how you can:  

  • Launch the Arlo Secure managed service offering in under 90 days 

  • Segment and target audiences to maximize your investment 

  • Drive subscriber loyalty, new revenue, and service stickiness for your organization 

  • Take advantage of Calix’s expertise with step-by-step guided support, virtual and in-person training, and a dedicated success team