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Dec 06, 2023

Data-Driven Strategies Broadband Marketers Need to Grow Their Business in 2024

Did you know: Nearly 90 percent of general managers at North American service providers say the surge of broadband competition has been extremely impactful or impactful on their business? 

Under increasing pressure, will marketers fall back on an old mindset of a “speed first” marketing campaign to battle the consumer giants and win new revenue opportunities and markets? Not so fast.  

Watch broadband provider FlexNetworks and Calix, who helps hundreds of marketers every year use broadband data to deliver new strategies. The two are working together to stay ahead of the competition by marketing a subscriber experience over “fast speeds” at “low prices.” 

In this webinar, we discussed: 

  • Industry trends and market dynamics that can accelerate or prevent business growth 
  • Benefits of promoting subscriber experiences vs. broadband technologies 
  • Data-driven strategies FlexNetworks is adopting to better engage with their subscribers.