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Mar 16, 2022

Outpace the Competition With Home Security Made Simple


Are you ready to get ahead of your competition with a new premium service offering that your subscribers truly want? Have you considered delivering a security solution as your next service extension? Perhaps not.

The proof: More than 75 percent of CEOs of broadband service providers (BSPs) plan to upsell and expand in 2022, according to the recent State of the Service Provider report. Yet less than half of those CEOs plan to deliver the solutions, such as security, their subscribers demand.

Why? Historically, security was the exclusive domain of large BSPs who invested millions to deliver complex solutions that were quickly surpassed by the consumer giants with their innovative industrial design, DIY approach and go-to-market speed.

Watch the webinar replay from March 16 to learn about:

  • How to get started today with Arlo Secure and build to a full managed and monitored security solution
  • How to leverage this growing business opportunity to satisfy subscribers’ demands for smart home technology and security solutions
  • How to deploy this solution to homes and small businesses in only a matter of days—helping you grow revenue and improve subscriber experience sooner
  • How Calix solutions make it easy for you to strengthen marketing and customer support and identify new upsell opportunities