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Mar 23, 2022

Have You Done All It Takes to Secure Your Network?


In a recent survey of broadband service providers by Heavy Reading, 45% of General Managers named “security infrastructure” as a top investment priority for the next five years, up from the 38% who have it as a top investment priority today. If you are like many of your peers and see this as an increasing area of focus, you understand the risk of exposing your subscribers to security threats. And you are thinking through where you can mitigate those risks? 

Have you explored the ways that your network planning and design can help you mitigate this risk? If you are involved in network engineering, then you are on the front lines of how your network connects subscribers to the internet, and how your design must encompass three main areas cohesively to close any vulnerabilities.

Watch webinar replay where industry experts from Calix and Vantage Point Solutions for this webinar from March 23. We discussed the three areas network engineers cannot ignore to protect subscribers and their data.

Service providers will discover security tips and best practices to:

  • Architect the network to be resilient from security threats
  • Segment traffic across your network to deliver highly secure subscriber services
  • Enhance network security by making the move to IPv6