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Make Software Defined Access
and agile service delivery a reality

Our experts can provide a complete range of services

Calix Services span your entire network and service delivery lifecycle. We can help you define your strategy, implement new services and even manage your services. Our team of experts is ready to deliver innovative services to communications service providers of every size and every type.


Professional Services


Support and Managed Services


Education and Certification

Whatever your transformation objectives, our Professional Services team can help you do it better, faster, and more cost effectively

Transform and optimize your access network and services delivery

Calix offers a portfolio of professional services that will help you accelerate your time to market and return on investment
when you adopt new cloud, access, and premises technologies.





Want to automate, simplify and instrument your network with an AXOS Software Defined Access platform? We can help.

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Want a seamless migration experience to next-generation GPON? We can help.

“The Calix GPON Migration Service delivered a complete solution that has allowed us to quickly… upgrade thousands of our subscribers to the E7-2 with no downtime…”

--Mike Houston Network Tri-County Telephone Association  

Here's How Read Tri-County Telephone Association Press Release

Want to deploy a managed, whole home Wi-Fi experience? We can help.

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Want to take the pain out of OSS and BSS integration when enabling new services? We can help.

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Calix’s unique approach leverages well-defined, curated service packages and the expertise of Calix network transformation experts that can:

  • Accelerate network design and deployment
  • Optimize performance and scalability
  • Apply field-proven best practices, processes, and tools

We can help make your operations lean and agile with
Calix Support Services

Calix Support Services address your end-to-end processes, from operations to network technology and service lifecycle management. We offer three tiers of service to ensure that we can meet any service provider's needs.


Considerations in selecting the right package include:

  • Importance of timely software updates.
  • Importance of agility of your operational workflows.
  • Importance of service uptime and customer experience.

Calix support tiers are designed to provide optimal support to our customers who are adopting our strategic platforms--Calix Cloud, AXOS, and EXOS.


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Calix Managed Services can optimize your network performance, so you can focus on what matters most--your subscribers

How do you move from reactive break-fix problem solving to a proactive analytics-driven approach?

Calix Managed Services integrates into your customer care and operations groups to help you focus on things that matter like delighting the customer and making operations more agile.
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Flexible Technical and Managed Support options to achieve your operational goals

 Calix has a support option that best fits the needs of your business to help you assure the ongoing health and vitality of your networks.

Technical support


Remote Monitoring


Managed Services


Build the skills required to take your network and your business to the next level of performance with Calix Education Services

Bridging the Skill Gap

How do I get my teams operationally ready to support new and innovative services?

It’s imperative to arm your team with the essential knowledge and expertise to successfully execute projects and deploy and run your advanced, next generation networks with the utmost operational efficiency.


Calix offers an array of self-service and instructor-led remote and onsite learning and certifications solutions to make that happen.

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Figuring out what courses to take is easy with well-designed learning paths that align with your technology and operational needs.

Self-paced Online Courses (eLearning)

Public Instructor-led Courses (Virtual Classroom)

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Dedicated Instructor-led Courses (Virtual or Onsite)


Reach out today and let's start talking about how we can innovate together!

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