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Nov 16, 2023
4 min

Want to Simplify Operations and Reduce Costs? Deployment Flexibility is Key

Imagine a world where broadband services are deployed cost-effectively to connect anyone, anywhere—from high-density urban areas to remote low-density areas—while ensuring a quality subscriber experience with low operating expenses.

Now, envision that the solution is hardware-independent, allowing broadband service providers (BSPs) to adopt new technologies without impacting subscriber services—making technology transitions such as GPON to XGS-PON or beyond 10G PON seamless. Finally, the solution offers common operational procedures and rapid BSS/OSS integration, regardless of the system, location in the network, or technology used—ultimately simplifying operations.

This isn’t just a dream—it’s the Calix Intelligent Access Edge (IAE) portfolio of systems! Leveraging our industry-leading AXOS software, IAE enables BSPs to deploy broadband services to any subscriber at any distance with any optic.


Intelligent Access Edge Systems

The IAE solution has three key systems that utilize the same AXOS software—E9-2, E7-2, and E3-2. This offers common operational workflows and service modules, stateful operations, and integration capabilities into any SDN/OSS platform.


E9-2: Distributed vs. Centralized Optical Line Terminal (OLT)

The E9-2 Intelligent Edge system consolidates multiple service-enabling network functions into one solution:

  • Service delivery;
  • L2 aggregation;
  • Service routing; and
  • Subscriber management functions (also known as broadband network gateway functions).

The E9-2 is available in two configurations. First, an integrated OLT that provides a centralized control function using the CLX3001 control card. The E9-2 with the CLX3001 card also supports a traditional OLT system where the line cards providing the access connection are managed as part of a single system.

The second configuration uses a distributed access architecture where the OLT function is often located in a separate facility from the aggregation function and allows you to extend service delivery out into the network This configuration uses the aggregation services manager card ASM3001. The E9-2 with the ASM3001 is an independent network element aggregating Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks.


E7-2: Intelligent Modular System

The E7-2 is a temperature-hardened, modular OLT system designed for remote cabinet or central office environments. Optimized for small to large deployments, the highly flexible E7-2 allows BSPs to scale easily as subscriber demands grow.


E3-2: Intelligent Passive Optical Network (PON) Node

The E3-2 enables BSPs to reach more subscribers in virtually any location—even the most challenging conditions and operating environments. Designed for rapid deployment, the E3-2 can deploy service anywhere in days versus weeks.


AnyPON Optics Flexibility

Optics flexibility is a hallmark of Calix anyPON solutions, which allow each card to support a variety of optics, including:

  • Single-density XGS-PON;
  • Single-density GPON;
  • Multi-PON module optics supporting both XGS-PON and GPON with integrated coexistence elements on the same optical distribution network (ODN);
  • Double-density DD-XGS-PON; and
  • Double-density DD-GPON optics.

Double-density optics offer another level of flexibility and speed-to-market, enabling BSPs to rapidly double the number of subscribers in the same location without needing additional power.

In addition to flexible optics support, all Calix IAE systems support a full range of optical power modules, including B+, C+, N1, N2, E1, E2 options within I-Temp form factors for 20km, 40km, and 60km deployments.


How To Ensure the Network Is Future-Ready

Calix provides a common operational model and workflows across the entire subscriber-facing network. As new technologies are incorporated into the systems, the operating model remains the same—further reducing changes to back-office workflows and the time it takes to integrate new technologies (from months or weeks to days!).

Why is this important? The current network system will seamlessly transition whenever a technology update or evolution occurs—no forklift upgrades are needed! Calix makes this possible with five key features that ensure a future-ready solution:

  • Modular architecture
  • Hardware independence
  • Services abstraction
  • Stateful operations
  • Software-defined networking (SDN) ready

Deployment flexibility and “deploy anywhere” designs dramatically reduce costs—while accelerating your construction and service activation capabilities. This simplifies operations and enables BSPs to deliver highly resilient 10G services from virtually any location.


Download the Intelligent Access Edge Solution Brief to learn more about our solution.

Senior Manager, Access Systems Marketing, Calix

Teresa Mastrangelo is the senior manager, access edge Marketing at Calix. Teresa is responsible for product marketing activities related to the Intelligent Access Edge products. She has over 30 years of experience in the broadband segment. Before Calix, Teresa held roles at NEC America, Advanced Fibre Communications, Cisco Systems, and Appalachian Power. Teresa has a BSEE from Virginia Tech.

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