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Nov 21, 2023
3 min

Bridging the Educational Gap: How Calix SmartTown™ for Education Empowers Students Everywhere

In classrooms around the world, students face a common challenge: limited connectivity outside of school. Many lack access to reliable internet at home—hindering their ability to explore educational resources, collaborate with peers, and engage in online learning. This digital divide perpetuates inequality that disadvantages students from underserved communities. Education should be a level playing field for all, and it’s time to address this problem head-on.

Connectivity shapes education. That’s why Calix SmartTown for Education enables broadband service providers (BSPs) to transform the way students learn and educators teach. This innovative solution bridges the digital divide by granting seamless community-wide Wi-Fi access and fostering a connected learning environment. Calix SmartTown for Education can revolutionize education by ensuring that every student has equal opportunities to thrive.

Calix SmartTown for Education is designed to help BSPs transform the way students learn. SmartTown establishes comprehensive community-wide Wi-Fi networks, ensuring reliable internet access within and beyond the classroom. It eradicates the barriers that hold students back, and that empowers them to unlock their full potential. But the story doesn’t end there.

Shape the Future of Education

With Calix SmartTown for Education, students start to experience a connected learning environment—everywhere their day takes them. Students are no longer confined to the boundaries of the classroom; they can access digital textbooks, educational apps, and online platforms from anywhere. Learning becomes flexible and personalized, tailored to each student’s unique needs.

Real-time communication and collaboration have become the norm. Virtual classrooms, group projects, and remote learning initiatives flourish, bringing students and educators closer than ever before. The power of connectivity ignites a spark, fuels engagement, and unlocks innovative teaching methodologies.

Calix SmartTown can have a profound impact on a community’s education system. Students from all backgrounds gain equal access to educational resources, empowering them to thrive academically. Educators leverage technology to create immersive learning experiences that spark curiosity and foster collaboration. Educational institutions expand their reach, attracting a diverse community of students and researchers.

Calix SmartTown for Education empowers BSPs to be the superheroes of education, breaking down barriers and empowering students everywhere. By providing seamless community-wide Wi-Fi access and fostering a connected learning environment, they bridge the digital divide and pave the way for inclusive education. It’s time for educational institutions and communities to rally behind these innovations by investing in universal connectivity. With Calix SmartTown, you can unlock the full potential of education—transforming lives and shaping a brighter future for all.

Learn more about Calix SmartTown and its educational applications by downloading this solution overview.

Director, Solutions Marketing Residential and Community WiFi, Calix

Candice Mayberry Storsveen is passionate about bridging the digital divide and delivering world-class connectivity to communities large and small. She brings more than 17 years of telecommunications experience to her role at Calix as the director of solutions marketing - residential and community wi-fi. Her expertise in strategic planning, data-analytics, and business development helps BSPs bring innovative broadband solutions to life.

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