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Sep 25, 2023
3 min

Reactive, Proactive, and Capacity Planning: How To Use Automated Information Sharing

As a broadband service provider (BSP), you likely have several back-office systems to manage your operations, services, and subscriber interactions. Integration is crucial to enable information sharing between these systems, your teams, and—when necessary—subscribers.

BSPs can implement a comprehensive early warning system for network health by integrating automated information sharing between various back-office systems. This can be configured to respond to multiple scenarios, including:

  • Reactive response: Gain actionable insights when something breaks. A real-time notification payload is delivered to relevant teams—accelerating mean time to repair and minimizing downtime.
  • Proactive intervention: Get notified when something is negatively trending to proactively address it. For example, operations teams receive notifications if fiber light levels dip below pre-defined thresholds or a passive optical network (PON) port approaches capacity—allowing them to take proactive action before problems arise.
  • Intelligent capacity planning: Accurate, real-time network information can help BSPs strategically evaluate and manage network resources to accommodate current and future demand.

Automated Information Sharing in Seconds

Let’s look at one potential use case: rapid response to a network outage. When the outage occurs, Calix Operations Cloud receives key information on the subscribers and services affected, and a real-time notification is sent to the BSP.

This process used to require human resources to transfer data from one system to another, often causing a delay in the right information getting to the right people. Now, we use webhooks to automate the process— allowing systems to communicate directly and slashing the time it takes to deliver critical notifications from hours to just seconds. This approach minimizes downtime and improves customer support by delivering the right information with the insights they need to communicate with impacted subscribers effectively.

Enabling Success With Calix

One customer, Tipmont REMC, partnered with Calix Customer Success Services to improve its broadband operations efficiency. Tipmont deployed Operations Cloud and optimized its network by enabling best practices in network outage notifications, a geo map visualization of outages, and immediate and scheduled alarm and health email push notifications.

As a result, Tipmont can instantly identify subscriber outages, determine larger PON outages, and proactively uncover network health issues before they impact subscribers.

Check out our solution brief to learn more about improving your broadband operations efficiency with Calix Customer Success Services.

Senior Manager, Customer Success

Dean Delitta is the senior manager, east region customer success at Calix. Dean is responsible for a team that supports Calix Operations Cloud and Calix Service Cloud clients. He has over 35 years of experience in the telecommunications industry as a service provider, equipment/cloud vendor, and global customer, holding positions at MCI, AT&T, Cisco, and Pepsi-Cola International. Dean holds a B.T. in Electrical Engineering Technology from Binghamton University.

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