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Sep 21, 2023
2 min

How Did One Broadband Service Provider Increase Service Adoption Rates by Over 300%?

Paul Bunyan Communications, a rapidly expanding cooperative serving northern Minnesota, is focused on improving the value it delivers to more than 31,000 residential and business members. One strategy was to provide a quick and easy way to address subscriber issues.

Members are increasingly motivated to solve issues on their own. Paul Bunyan branded the Calix CommandIQ® mobile app as GigaZone®, the perfect foundational step to enable self-support. For instance, members can reset a password in the app instead of calling customer service to do it. Paul Bunyan also realized operational benefits including decreased call volume and faster problem resolution—two factors that drive down operating costs.

However, despite the benefits of the GigaZone® app, Paul Bunyan struggled with member adoption and partnered with the Calix Customer Success team to design a program to increase app usage. Paul Bunyan leveraged the Revenue EDGE Foundation Boot Camp and worked with the Calix team to develop a three-point plan immersed in best practices that aligned the customer service representatives and field technicians. Mobile app downloads increased by 35 percent.

This plan also enabled all employees to share the value of Paul Bunyan’s services with its members. With the right tools and training in place, Paul Bunyan saw several benefits including accelerated time to value with a significant number of new signups for its managed Wi-Fi service over a two-month period. Adoption of additional services, ProtectIQ® (for wireless network security) and ExperienceIQ®(parental control app​) grew by 308 percent and 266 percent, respectively.

The strong partnership fostered by the Revenue EDGE Foundation Success team enabled Paul Bunyan to make a giant leap forward in fully using their Calix solution, providing a significant return on investment over time. Revenue EDGE deployment provided a valuable experience for the entire team. With Calix Enablement Services—including boot camps, workshops, activation assets, collateral, tools, and one-on-one consultations—Paul Bunyan can deliver elevated experiences and move even faster as a team.


In the end, member experience is at the core of what Paul Bunyan does—and Calix helps highlight that daily. Learn more about Calix Services

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