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Jul 13, 2023
3 min

Build Intelligent Community-Wide Networks by Unlocking the Power of Calix SmartTown

As a network operator, how do you stay ahead with innovative solutions in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape—and simultaneously streamline operations, enhance network performance, and deliver an exceptional user experience? By revolutionizing your network infrastructure and embracing transformative technologies. 

The powerful combination of Calix SmartTownTM, Calix Cloud, and Calix  Revenue EDGE™ systems revolutionize network management, operations, and the overall connectivity experience for all your subscribers. Plus, you can deliver a differentiated experience as your subscribers move throughout their day—at home, work, school, or in their community.

Connect Communities with SmartTown

Establish comprehensive community-wide Wi-Fi networks using Calix SmartTown. With SmartTown, broadband operators can create intelligent and connected communities, delivering seamless connectivity for residents, businesses, and public spaces without deploying 3rd party hardware or software solutions. SmartTown provides a scalable and flexible architecture that enables efficient network planning, deployment, and management—all on the same Calix Cloud platform.

Simplify Network Management with Calix Cloud

With Calix Cloud, gain powerful tools to monitor, configure, and optimize network performance. The cloud-based network management solution for SmartTown enables centralized visibility into network elements, performance metrics, and subscriber behaviors so you can identify and resolve issues proactively. Plus, streamline your operations with the intuitive interface and automation capabilities—reducing manual efforts and improving efficiency.

Unleash Gigabit Speeds with Revenue Edge Systems

Meet the ever-increasing demand for high-speed connectivity with Calix GigaSpire and GigaPro systems. These advanced, next-generation access points deliver gigabit speeds to end-users, providing a superior broadband experience. Delivering ultra-fast and reliable connectivity to homes, businesses, and communities enables seamless streaming, online gaming, collaboration, and other bandwidth-intensive applications for your subscribers.

Enhance Performance and User Experience 

Deliver an enhanced user experience with the combination of Calix’s systems. Ensure reliable and widespread connectivity with SmartTown's comprehensive community-wide Wi-Fi networks. Simplify network management with Calix Cloud, gaining actionable insights and automation capabilities. Unlock gigabit speeds and Wi-Fi 6 using GigaSpire and GigaPro systems and deliver exceptional broadband experiences. These solutions optimize network performance, enhance customer satisfaction, and future-proof your infrastructure.

Embrace transformative technologies and revolutionize your network infrastructure with Calix to deliver innovative solutions and stay ahead in the digital era.

To learn more, download our solution overview, “SmartTown: Community Wi-Fi Reimagined for Today’s Service Providers.”

Director, Solutions Marketing Residential and Community WiFi, Calix

Candice Mayberry Storsveen is passionate about bridging the digital divide and delivering world-class connectivity to communities large and small. She brings more than 17 years of telecommunications experience to her role at Calix as the director of solutions marketing - residential and community wi-fi. Her expertise in strategic planning, data-analytics, and business development helps BSPs bring innovative broadband solutions to life.

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