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Jan 06, 2023
3 min

How Marketing Cloud Helped OEC Fiber Lower Acquisition Costs and Improve Campaign Performance by 55%

At OEC Fiber, our subscribers are at different stages of technology adoption, so our marketing campaigns must meet them where they are. The ability to use data and insights to super-target specific demographics within our subscriber base allows us to ensure the right messaging gets to the right audience—and that is what's helped us transform our marketing strategies and improve campaign performance. Even better, the ability to execute campaigns with precision lets us deliver an excellent subscriber experience while lowering our acquisition cost. 

We Beat Previous Campaign Performance by 55 Percent

Calix Marketing Cloud* allows us to enrich our subscriber experience data with demographic, psychographic, and geographic data. That lets us execute acquisition campaigns with pinpoint precision—a true business transformation! Our early experience underscored this when we ran a Facebook campaign targeting prospects and the match rate using Marketing Cloud* data. The result? Our Marketing Cloud* campaign outperformed a similar campaign (without Marketing Cloud*) by 55 percent.  

Using Data and Insights To Improve the Subscriber Experience

Gone are the days of spray and pray. With Marketing Cloud*, we have all we need at our fingertips to better understand our subscribers and prospects. For example, with subscriber experience data in Calix Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud)*, we can quickly identify subscribers hitting their downstream or upstream service limits. With that information, we can deploy a targeted campaign asking if they are ready to upgrade. This way, we can address any frustrating experiences our subscribers experience and open up new opportunities to upsell.

Getting the Right Message to the Right Audience

Marketing Cloud* has transformed how our marketing team operates. We now have the intelligence and insights we need to provide an exceptional experience to our subscribers. A clear example of how targeting specific subscribers with specific messaging works involves our CommandIQ® marketing. Our subscribers still on GigaCenter systems cannot take advantage of managed services like ExperienceIQ® or ProtectIQ®. Marketing Cloud* allows us to segment our audience, so we’re not promoting these services to them. Instead, we send them messages on CommandIQ capabilities they can leverage, like changing their password or setting up a guest network.

Growing Our Business With Easy, Cost-Effective Acquisition

The data from Marketing Cloud* lets us see beyond the basics. This ability profoundly impacts our acquisition efforts by helping us identify and target prospects that match the profile of our highest-value subscribers. For example, with Marketing Cloud*, we can target specific subscriber groups like families or work-from-homers with appropriate messaging around ExperienceIQ. By getting the right message to the right audience, we’re not frustrating any subscribers with offers they can’t use.

A Stroke of Genius and a Game Changer

Marketing Cloud* is central to our purpose of improving our subscribers’ quality of life and seizing new growth opportunities for our organization. In 2017, before OEC Fiber had launched service—before we had even started construction—our president, David Goodspeed, attended Calix ConneXions. While touring the Innovation Showcase, he got a demonstration of  Marketing Cloud*. He also spoke with another co-op leader about the impact of Marketing Cloud* on her business. When she described it as a game-changer—and after seeing it in action—David knew that Marketing Cloud* would be essential to our success at OEC Fiber. Six years later, and more than 32,000 fiber broadband subscribers later, his decision to go with the end-to-end Calix solution—including Marketing Cloud*—was nothing short of genius.

Learn more about Marketing Cloud*? Download the eBook “How to Unlock Data-Driven Insights to Improve Acquisition, Strengthen Subscriber Loyalty, and Grow Your Business.”

*As of November 2023, Calix Marketing Cloud has been renamed to Calix Engagement Cloud. Learn more.

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