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Jan 25, 2023
3 min

Go Green and Go Lean: How To Slash the Cost of Serving Subscribers 50% While Cutting Your Energy Consumption in Half

Service deployments can be challenging. Tough decisions need to be made on how to deploy infrastructure in tricky geographic environments—or if it’s even economically viable to do so. Today’s broadband service providers (BSPs) are seeking operationally efficient solutions that provide unparalleled deployment flexibility and accelerates their time-to-market market capabilities. 


Rapidly Acquire New Markets While Turning Up Services With Greater Energy Efficiency

The power of the Calix Intelligent Access EDGE™ platform gives BSPs the flexibility to deploy a range of systems suited for different scenarios while maintaining a common operational model. The E3-2, for example, is optimized for low to mid-density areas and features a “deploy anywhere” design that does not require active cooling and can be mounted aerially, on a wall, on a pedestal, or on a pole. This flexibility dramatically reduces costs (BSPs can realize up to a 50 percent reduction in their total cost of ownership over a cabinet-based solution) while accelerating construction and service activation capabilities. 

Subscribers in rural communities have long endured slow speeds and poor service. They can now expect better. The latest evolution of the E3-2 has doubled its density from four ports to eight ports. It can also combine GPON, XGS-PON, and a coexistence element into a single SFP+ optic allowing network operators to move subscribers from GPON to XGS-PON without touching the system.

By deploying E3-2 as part of an end-to-end Intelligent Access EDGE solution, BSPs can: 

  • Deploy quickly, in more locations, and for less OPEX than other solutions

  • Support the increasing bandwidth demands of subscribers—no matter where they live

  • Leverage rapid XGS-PON integration to turn up services in rural and suburban markets faster than the competition

  • Reduce the need to deploy cabinets and other costly infrastructure when it’s not economically feasible

  • Ensure Always On availability and zero downtime for subscribers during network upgrades

“As our current broadband markets continue to expand, it is increasingly critical that we can turn up operationally efficient broadband services in new markets at a fast pace,” said Terry Rubenthaler, chief operations officer at Midwest Energy & Communications. “The new E3-2 modules support these initiatives, combined with the unbeatable power of the Calix end-to-end platforms, and ensure that we can rapidly turn up and deploy new services that delight our subscribers easily and quickly.”


Delivering on the Green Broadband Promise

Building the most efficient secure network isn’t just about reducing the management and maintenance efforts required to operate the network. It’s also about reducing the total footprint—space, power, and cooling resources—required.   

In the case of the newly upgraded E3-2, the increased port density means even fewer nodes need to be deployed to reach your rural and suburban subscribers. This results in a 50 percent reduction in energy usage per port. 

Now you can secure a competitive advantage that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


Learn more about the power of our platform. Download our Intelligent Access EDGE Solution Overview.

Director, Product Marketing, Unlimited Subscriber, Calix

Kevin Kuo is the director, product marketing, Unlimited Subscriber at Calix. Kevin has over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications, manufacturing, broadband, and wireless industries, working for AT&T, AT&T Mobility, Motorola, and Nokia.

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