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Jun 25, 2022
3 min

Keeping Kids Safe Is Our Number-One Priority at Anthem Broadband

The internet has enhanced our lives in so many ways. At the same time, that connectivity also brings new threats for the most vulnerable members of society—our kids. Young people face growing levels of cyberbullying, online predation, online violence, and more. This issue has reached almost epidemic proportions. Last year, 85 percent of teens experienced bullying. Seventy-five percent were involved in a self-harm situation. And as we spend more time online—nearly seven hours each day—the threats are likely to multiply. 

Living Our Mission To Bring Safe, Reliable Internet to Rural Communities

Our subscribers look to us not just for fast, reliable broadband. They also look to us to offer solutions that keep them safe. As the largest wireless internet service provider in Idaho and the surrounding areas, we have the opportunity—and responsibility—to ensure the well-being of our communities. This goes back to the mission we were founded with in 1997. Starting out as SafeLink Internet, we brought safe, reliable internet service to rural communities where other providers would not. Safety was so important to us that we made it part of our name. Twenty-five years later, we continue to live that mission.  

That's why we are thrilled that Calix is integrating Bark online monitoring capabilities into Revenue EDGE Suites. With this turnkey, online safety solution from Calix and Bark, we can help families protect kids from online threats—no matter whether kids are at home, school, or anywhere in between. Calix shares the Anthem Broadband vision for safely connecting rural communities, which is one reason we started partnering with them last year.  Our $50 million Digital Transformation Project will bring advanced fiber internet service to over 15,800 homes in the Elko, Spring Creek, and Lamoille Communities. As always, we’re making the internet easy and safe for subscribers. We’re rolling out the comprehensive Calix Revenue EDGE—including GigaSpire® BLAST systems and the CommandIQ® mobile app—to deliver an exceptional experience. Anthem is taking security to the next level in our communities with EDGE Suites like ExperienceIQ™ for parental controls, ProtectIQ® for home network security, and Bark for online monitoring. 

We Will Continue To Keep Kids Safe for Generations To Come

Our investment in future-proof technology and superior service will benefit every facet of our subscribers’ business and home lives. We will always keep communities connected to what matters most—work, family, school, shopping, hobbies, games, and more. And we’ll keep our communities safe. As technologies for security services evolve, we’ll stay ahead to ensure our subscribers are always protected.   

Anthem and Calix share a commitment to providing a safe internet experience. Whether it’s parental controls, home network security, or now, Bark online monitoring to prevent threats to kids, Calix enables us to fulfill our long-standing mission to protect our subscribers and bring value to the communities we serve.  

Learn more about how BSPs can protect their communities’ most vulnerable members with Calix parental controls and the online safety tool Bark.

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