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May 17, 2022
4 min

For Broadband Marketers, NPS Is a Chance To Elevate Their Marketing Strategies

Why does your Net Promoter Score (NPS) matter? Because word-of-mouth is powerful. When your customers recommend your business, the impact is tremendous. In fact, one of the best ways to measure an organization’s growth potential is to ponder the answer to a simple question: “Would you recommend this company or its products or services to a friend or colleague?”

For the telecommunications industry, NPS presents a challenge. With an average NPS score of 31 (the lowest industry average), there is a lot of room for improvement. As broadband marketers, you play a critical role in delivering an exceptional experience that excites subscribers, creates value, builds loyalty—and drives NPS into the high double digits. For example, as part of their 2022 Success Plan, Colorado-based cooperative PC Telcom launched an NPS survey to set their benchmark. Once they know where they stand, the PC Telcom team—including their marketing department—can embark on a strategy to improve their customer relationships and uncover new opportunities for growth.

“We believe our members have a positive experience, but we wanted to be certain,” said Jessica Koch, PC Telcom’s controller and NPS program lead. “The insights we gain through the NPS process will drive improvements across the company, ensuring we live up to our theme of ‘Expect More, Experience More.’ In marketing, the findings will help us refine our proposition and service offerings as well as develop communications that reinforce the value members get from PC Telcom.” 

PC Telcom is following in the footsteps of many successful Calix customers with NPS in the 80s and 90s. How are they earning scores almost three times above the industry average? By using customer insights to develop and deploy targeted marketing campaigns designed to help their subscribers take full advantage of their services.

STRATA Boosted NPS 19 Percent by Identifying Subscriber Needs

The marketing team at Utah-based STRATA Networks became champions for change when they decided to enhance their offerings based on subscriber needs. To differentiate their offerings and deliver a superior member experience, they launched STRATA Hub Premium Service,  which includes network security and ExperienceIQ for parental controls and bandwidth management. The bundled premium service has contributed significantly to higher member satisfaction: The NPS for STRATA Hub Premium users is nearly 19 percent higher than for members not using EDGE Suites for network security and ExperienceIQ for parental controls and bandwidth management.

Building on Their +90 NPS, Cumberland Connect Used EDGE Suites To Build New Revenue Streams and Sustain Subscriber Loyalty

With Marketing Cloud, BSP marketers can easily target subscribers with the right message at the right time. Tennessee cooperative Cumberland Connect has successfully increased satisfaction through stronger engagement. Using Marketing Cloud with Mailchimp and Facebook integrations, they ran targeted campaigns to drive uptake of offerings like their “Peace of Mind” package (with EDGE Suites for network security and advanced parental controls). In just a few months, these value-added offerings helped Cumberland Connect generate new revenue streams, grow ARPU, and increase subscriber satisfaction to an astounding NPS of +90.

As you can see, NPS is a valuable metric for marketers to track because it leads to marketing campaigns that generate growth and strengthen customer relationships. That’s because, unlike revenue—which reflects past performance—satisfaction is a leading indicator of the future health of your business. As a marketer, you can contribute to higher subscriber satisfaction and NPS by creating highly tailored marketing campaigns that speak directly to your subscribers. Calix customers who’ve followed this framework have achieved phenomenal results, including NPS scores well above the industry average. 

Learn how Cumberland Connect leveraged Calix Marketing Cloud to create successful campaigns and customer outreach.   

Area Vice President, Customer Success, Calix

Bridget Watkins is the area vice president, customer success at Calix. Bridget is responsible for helping service providers maximize opportunities through premises solutions that elevate the subscriber experience. Before Calix, Bridget was a vice president of a telecommunications company and served on the NTCA Marketing Committee. She has over 20 years in the industry, working directly for service providers and as a consultant. 

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