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May 19, 2022
4 min

Cyberattacks Surged 105 Percent Globally—What's Your Plan To Protect Your Subscribers?

Now, more than ever, your subscribers need to protect their homes and businesses from cyber intrusions. Consider these trends:

  • The world saw an alarming 105 percent surge in ransomware cyberattacks last year. These attacks are designed to cripple people or businesses by making their computer systems unusable until they pay money or a ransom.
  • The United Nations identified a 600 percent increase in malicious emails in 2020 alone.
  • Statista predicts 75 billion connected devices will be in use worldwide by 2025. Device-based security is almost impossible to maintain, as each home now holds a double-digit list of connected devices. These devices are also notoriously clunky to update.


What Do These Increased Cyberthreats Mean for Marketers?

With cyberthreats at an all-time high, security is a huge need for every subscriber. Given the incredible rise of these threats, the marketer’s job is to offer subscribers a simple, comprehensive, and cost-effective security service that keeps them protected. Think of cybersecurity as a unique opportunity to be a champion for change in your organization and position your brand as the defender of your subscribers’ networks.

Meeting home network security needs is a new and big responsibility for BSPs. But here’s the good news: Most cyberattacks cannot succeed in a network guarded by ProtectIQ®—and it’s available to you as a turnkey offering in Revenue EDGE Suites.


How Does ProtectIQ Work in Subscribers’ Homes and Businesses?

ProtectIQ leverages a large cloud database of known viruses, intrusions, and ransomware threats. By looking for the specific signatures of these threats in real time, ProtectIQ terminates the transfer of data before a malicious payload is delivered. It then provides subscribers with timely notifications within the CommandIQ® mobile smart home technology app.

By offering ProtectIQ, the BSP provides wireless network security to the entire home or business network and gives subscribers an added layer of protection for connected devices. Want proof? In the last 30 days, one of our BSP customers—that has around 2,300 subscribers active on ProtectIQ—blocked 19,114 intrusions, 565 web threats, and 449 viruses!


How Can Marketing Be the Champion for Home Network Security?

Succeeding with ProtectIQ is easier than you might think. Take a page from Nate Palmer, a marketer at Utah-based CentraCom, who had the vision to add ProtectIQ to their CentraWiFi offering. The CentraCom marketing team led a company-wide drive to educate employees on the benefits of home network security, with an emphasis on customer-facing teams. They used Calix Market Activation resources such as the Electronic Content Builder (ECB) and Market Activation Video Editor (MAVE) to easily create multi-channel marketing campaigns that drove explosive subscriber engagement and higher average revenue per user (ARPU).

At Calix, we understand what it’s like to launch a new offering at scale without big budgets and extensive resources. That’s why we make it easy to add ProtectIQ to existing portfolios—reducing complexity and accelerating your time to market.

As BSPs transition to delivering increasingly sophisticated value-add services that meet—and exceed—subscriber expectations, home network security needs to be a core part of your offering. It’s time for you to meet the challenge of rising cybercrime with an industry-leading home network security service that will grow your brand and build even deeper trust with the subscribers you’re protecting. After all, peace of mind is everything.

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