November 2, 2021 by Megan Powell

How Jade Is Making the Internet Even More Magical for Their Subscribers With Arlo Secure


Calix is constantly finding new ways to help broadband service providers (BSPs) supercharge their go-to-market strategies and execution. Every quarter, we’re adding integrations with Calix Marketing Cloud and delivering new value-added Revenue EDGE Suites. This powerful combination enables BSPs to easily and cost effectively launch services that excite subscribers, yielding greater loyalty, and create world-class campaigns to drive new revenues and increase return on investment (ROI).

For example, with Arlo Secure, our EDGE Suite featuring the market-leading connected camera brand, BSPs can delight existing subscribers, attract new subscribers, and reduce churn. Here’s how Jade Communications, an innovative service provider serving residents and businesses across southern Colorado, is taking advantage of this new offering to create magic for their subscribers and stay ahead of the big box stores and consumer giants.

Step 1: Build a compelling value proposition

Arlo Secure gives subscribers something they genuinely value—peace of mind that their homes and families are safe. But Jade sees the camera-based systems as much more than home security—they’re helping subscribers capture holiday magic. For instance, with Arlo Secure, Jade subscribers will be able to capture the first glimpse of their loved ones arriving at the holidays after two years of pandemic. They will be able to see their child take their first wobbly ride on their bike and make sure their daughter’s date walks her to the front door after a night out. Subscribers can document all the fun at a backyard barbecue. The big box stores are just selling a device—Jade is delivering highly personal, memorable experiences for their subscribers.

Step 2: Target the right subscribers

Leveraging Marketing Cloud, Jade reviewed its subscriber base and discovered that few subscribers currently own cameras, making them ideal candidates for the new Arlo Secure offer. For the initial launch in November, they determined that they would target current subscribers who have GigaSpire® BLAST systems in their homes, use the Jade Wi-Fi app, and are on the higher tier Wi-Fi plan. Jade will leverage the learnings from this pre-Thanksgiving launch to refine their targeting for their broader service launch in January 2022.

Step 3: Deliver a completely hassle-free experience

Part of Jade’s magic is convenience. That’s why they are making it as easy and as fun as possible for subscribers to select the package that’s right for them. For the initial launch, Jade subscribers can choose from a pre-curated list of Arlo Secure packages, complete with monthly service plans added to their Jade Wi-Fi service. The hassle-free experience continues through installation—Jade will provide white-glove service, ensuring that the cameras will be expertly installed in the right locations and working perfectly with optimized Wi-Fi reach. And because the service is fully managed, subscribers will never have to worry about maintaining their Arlo Secure connected camera solution.

Step 4: Implement a creative omnichannel launch campaign to drive uptake

Jade is taking advantage of the upcoming holiday season to launch their Arlo Secure service. They’ve timed their pre-order launch for mid-November, getting a jump on the big box stores who will be running aggressive Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. As with their other product launches, Jade will undertake an omnichannel marketing approach to reach its target audience, delivering its message across social media, email, the Jade Wi-Fi app, and the web to ensure maximum uptake. They’ll be able to leverage Marketing Cloud integrations with leading marketing technology platforms such as Facebook and Mailchimp to automate the campaign and increase engagement rates. And Marketing Cloud will make it easy for Jade to monitor and optimize campaign performance and marketing ROI, all within a cohesive, easy-to-use platform.

We can’t wait to see Jade’s launch of the Arlo Secure solution—and the impact it will have on their business.

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