July 9, 2020 by Greg Owens

Influential Industry Analyst Suggests that CSPs are Well Positioned to Deliver Online Security and Privacy Controls


Communications service providers (CSPs) are well positioned to generate new revenue streams from their subscribers by offering online security and privacy controls that are embedded in the residential gateway.

That’s the clear message from a recent Calix webinar: The subscriber mindset: New study reveals opportunities for service providers. Calix was joined for the webinar by Mark Vena, senior analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, who shared the results of a consumer survey that the influential technology analyst firm conducted earlier this year in partnership with Calix. A new white paper summarizing the research is also available for download.

The objectives of the survey, which was completed by 1,294 respondents from across all regions of the United States, were to:

  • Obtain consumer data on the importance of home network security and parental control features;
  • Verify consumer interest in these features within a mobile application;
  • Determine how willing consumers are to pay for these features; and
  • Provide real-world data to CSPs to help them position and price these new applications.

Here is a quick summary of some of the key takeaways that Mark highlighted for CSPs during the webinar, based on the findings from the research study.

CSPs rank as “most trusted”

The survey results show that CSPs are extremely well positioned among their peers to deliver online security and privacy controls to their subscribers. Survey respondents ranked CSPs as the “most trusted” when compared to device manufacturers, pay TV providers, social media companies, and streaming video services. What’s more, when it comes to trusting organizations with their personal information, respondents gave CSPs the highest rating, with 77 percent characterizing them as either “trusted” or “most trusted.”

Security and privacy solutions—a unique upsell opportunity

Given their high trust ratings, CSPs have a unique upsell opportunity with security and privacy control solutions. The fact that they already provide subscribers with a residential gateway gives them a significant leg up on the competition. Unlike other security solution providers, CSPs have the option of embedding security and privacy controls in the device through which all traffic passes as it comes into and goes out of the home network. This capability can be augmented with a single intuitive app for managing all aspects of home network security and privacy.

As the white paper notes, a residential gateway security solution has other advantages:

“The myriad of traditional software security solutions that are available at the client PC, smartphone, or tablet device level can be confusing for many consumers. A “gateway solution,” on the other hand, protects the entire home network, including IoT devices like smart thermostats and smart locks (which may not be viewed as a vulnerable entry-point by many unsuspecting consumers).”

Nearly three quarters of respondents (72 percent) said they were either “very interested” or “somewhat interested” in a security solution of this type and 66 percent of these said they would be willing to pay $4/month or more for it.

Another key takeaway that Mark highlights in the webinar is the need for CSPs to craft laser-focused messaging that positions their gateway-based security offering versus competitive offerings, such as endpoint security software or home security hubs.

To learn more about the survey findings and their implications for your business, check out the webinar replay or download the paper that summarizes the research.