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Dec 12, 2019
2 min

Stay Smart and Lean in 2020: Drive Big Marketing Results with Easy to Implement Programs

As I look closely at all of the new best practices communications service providers (CSPs) have added to their marketing arsenal this year, two stand out as consistently generating amazing ROI -- social advertising and outbound calling.

Social Media Advertising

Before we dive into the details, I want to be clear that we are not talking about organic social engagement, which is centered around growing followers and sprinkling interesting content into your social media calendar.

Of course, engaging your community with unique content is an absolute must-do to preserve subscriber loyalty, but this best practice is centered around investing advertising dollars on social platforms. This is becoming especially important because organic reach alone makes it more and more difficult to cut through the digital noise, even when you are addressing your fans and followers. Your interactions have to be on point with targeted, well-timed, and relevant dialogue, especially if you are looking to convert that engagement into business growth and revenue.

Sogetel, a Quebec-based telecom service provider with one of the largest fiber networks in the province, recently shared how they supplemented their omni-channel marketing campaign with Facebook advertising. Being in a highly competitive environment, they chose to tackle churn risk by engaging subscribers they identified as high streamers on lower speed tiers with Calix Marketing Cloud. With this calculated approach, they saw an 88 percent reduction in cost per click and cut the ad budget in half.  

Outbound Calling

While augmenting marketing campaigns with outbound calling is not an entirely new concept in many industries, most CSPs have never considered leveraging their customer care reps to make outbound calls in the past. But that is changing.

Sogetel, like NCC and several other Calix Cloud customers, included outbound calling to their campaign strategy and drove a 65 percent take rate on their upgrade offer. This proven high-impact best practice also allows your reps to take a more proactive role in the business and participate in revenue generation. However, if you experience some initial resistance, here are a few tips to prep your team for success.

Be sure to explore how you can add both these practices to your marketing campaigns next year. 

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