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Feb 28, 2019
3 min

New Software Available for GigaCenter and 804Mesh

Visit the Calix Software Center to download new software for the GigaCenter and 804Mesh, which features a number of enhancements, including:

Band/Node Steering enhancements:

  • Provide subscribers with the best user experience, as any connected consumer device (STA) can now be steered to a different radio on the same 804Mesh (band steering) or to a radio on the host GigaCenter or to another 804Mesh unit (node steering).
  • Steering is also now supported on 802.11v-compliant devices on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.

Updates for the GigaCenter (Release 12.2.9):

  • GigaCenter in WAP mode: 804Mesh satellites can now be connected (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet) to any GigaCenter, even if the GigaCenter is running in ‘WAP mode’. This is an important feature for customers that are connecting video set-top boxes (STBs) directly to a residential gateway (e.g., 716GE or 844G) and using the 844E as a Wi-Fi ‘extender’. This enhancement allows service providers to further improve in-home Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Community Wi-Fi Security Enhancements: Clients connected to the primary SSID are automatically added to Community Wi-Fi Blacklists.
  • Calix Smart Home app: Initially launched to support the GigaSpire, the Calix Smart Home app can now be used with a GigaCenter that is running with Release 12.2.9 software. An EXOS software license is also required. (Given product differences between the GigaSpire, the GigaCenter doesn’t support three features: launching the Amazon Alexa app, viewing connected IoT devices, and running speed tests.)

Updates for the 804Mesh (Release 3.0.0):

  • Site Scan support: 804Mesh satellite units, and all subsequent connected devices, are now visible in Calix Support Cloud (CSC).

More details are provided in the respective Release Notes, which are available from the Calix Software Center.

Take steps to safeguard your subscribers' privacy and security

Most consumers do not know how to update the firmware on their GigaCenter. This could put their privacy, and the security of their data, at risk. One example is the infamous ‘KRACK’ issue, which was addressed in Release 1.1 of the 804Mesh software.

Calix Consumer Connect Plus (CC+) and Calix Support Cloud customers, however, can perform a “bulk” firmware upgrade, which allows for updates to be made to multiple GigaCenters at the same time. The upgrade process requires typically takes less than five minutes. Calix recommends that firmware upgrades be performed at times where network activity is lightest; typically, between 2-5am., although this window will vary among subscribers.

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