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Mar 21, 2018
2 min

West River Tel: A Technology Provider with a Clear Focus on the Customer Experience

West River Telephone Cooperative (WRT) has been providing telecommunications services since 1952. With its headquarters in Hazen, North Dakota, WRT serves dozens of towns in 17 different counties across 9700 square miles in both North and South Dakota.

In most parts of its service area, WRT customers can subscribe to high-speed internet packages that start at 100 Mbps, with the option of upgrading to 250 Mbps, 500 Mbps, or 1 Gbps. But delivering blisteringly-fast Internet speeds to subscribers’ homes is not enough for WRT; they also want to ensure that their subscribers can enjoy those speeds everywhere within their homes as well.

To do this, WRT has installed Calix GigaCenters in nearly every single one of their subscribers’ homes. And, for cases where a single GigaCenter does not provide sufficient coverage — for example, in large homes or homes with construction materials that impact the transmission of Wi-Fi signals — WRT is also offering Calix 804Mesh satellite units.

To date, WRT has deployed hundreds of 804Mesh units; much to the delight of their subscribers, who appreciate its small size and esthetic design.

As Troy Schilling, CEO and General Manager of WRT, explains, “We view ourselves as the technology company in our area. We appreciate the fact that our customers rely upon us, so we try to make things easier for them.”

James Byerley, WRT’s Plant Manager, agrees, explaining that WRT focuses on the overall experience, with the goal of delivering a reliable service that works all the time. To the point where WRT is “almost invisible to the customer."

Ready to hear the full story, directly from Troy and James at WRT? Watch our video interview.

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