Madison Avenue Comes to Main Street: Here’s How Broadband Marketing Is Reaching New Heights

Matt Collins

Chief Commercial Operations Officer


Rural broadband service providers have always relied on scrappy, innovative marketing tactics in the face of larger competitors. At Calix, we are committed to providing world-class marketing campaigns and creative assets that differentiate your brand in your community and excite your subscribers with innovative managed services. This commitment is paying off—thank you.

Digiday recently recognized Calix during the global media brand’s 2023 Digital TV & Video Awards with the award for Best Advertiser in TV or Video for a series of commercials created in partnership with comedian Gerry Dee. Digiday’s industry-leading awards and events recognize visionary companies on the cutting-edge of marketing innovation. This year’s recipients also included Playstation, Roku, and The Washington Post.

Calix created the video series to allow BSP marketers like yourself to launch sophisticated commercials focusing on compelling differentiators such as reliability, connected services, and a focus on subscriber experience. For this reason, I can unequivocally say that our recognition is not about us, it’s about you.

The acclaim is a giant step forward for our community, as marketing experts outside the broadband industry begin to recognize the power of innovative marketing in small-town America. For that we are grateful. And for that, we say thank you to our amazing partners, who show up every day in ways that make a true impact on the lives of so many.

Serving Up Award-Winning Innovation

We have been preaching for some time now about the necessity of a differentiated go-to-market strategy. Rural broadband providers are experiencing more competition, more fiber builds, and a need to truly show their subscribers and prospects what makes them special. In this environment, speed is a simple commodity, one that any internet provider can compete on. What the Gerry Dee market activation videos show is that rural providers are more than a speed pipe, they are connected experience providers that create innovative products and services that address the exact needs of their subscribers. And they are marketers that can build campaigns that far exceed their headcount and budget.

Many BSPs expect to compete for new subscribers this year. That will require a differentiated subscriber experience and resources that allow you to deploy sophisticated marketing assets based on a personalized brand experience.

The Calix Electronic Content Builder (ECB) as well as access to a go-to-market team help small BSPs easily create unique, award-winning marketing campaigns. Calix provides the assets and support. All you need to do is add your logo and brand voice and you’re ready to launch. You no longer need to spend hours or a significant budget on creative, instead you can focus on deployment.

CentraCom Uses Humor to Create Meaningful Connections With Customers

Nate Palmer, Vice President of Marketing at Centracom, sees the award-winning Gerry Dee videos as “a testament to how humor enables us to further develop close ties with our subscribers.” Nate understands the value Calix’s Market Activation brings to his team. "Our marketing team leveraged these videos to promote our Wi-Fi service across multiple channels to a strong reception. The ability to leverage these world-class creative assets frees up our team to focus on how else we can improve the subscriber experience. We can’t wait to see what Calix and Dee come up with next.”

The Thought Leadership Continues

Every day I speak with innovative BSPs—many of whom have a marketing team of one—that leverage Calix solutions to build award-winning, data-driven marketing campaigns. Now that marketing industry leaders have recognized the success we can achieve together, the sky is the limit for your marketing strategy. The Digiday award is a testament to all we’ve done together, and a reminder of the amazing work Calix and our partners can continue creating in the future. 



OCT 14 - 17, 2023

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