Become a part of our future

Working from anywhere

Become a part of our future

Working from anywhere


Our Inspiration

At Calix, our mission is to enable communications service providers of all types and sizes to simplify their business, excite their subscribers and grow their value.​ Calix cloud and software platforms are what enable service providers to innovate and transform. However, to accomplish this it requires more than breakthrough technologies. It requires the outstanding individuals who make this possible.

Every day we embrace a challenger mindset and show up with a purpose to inspire our peers and our customers to achieve things that haven’t been done before. In our global company you’ll find creative and collaborative colleagues (contributing from around the world) who are clear about their roles and committed to creating value for our customers, our company, and each other.


Calix is attracting the best and brightest with an A+ company culture, as highlighted by latest Comparably accolades



"For many years, Calix has been a pioneer and leader among work from anywhere organizations—and our team is accelerating while continuously improving our culture."

—Carl Russo, CEO of Calix


"The Comparably awards are testimony to our people, each of whom invests in building our unique culture every day ... I am grateful for the accomplishments of our team and energized by the opportunities that lie ahead."

—Carl Russo, CEO of Calix


Glassdoor: Our CEO ranks #8 as Best CEO to work for

Ratings mean a lot to Calix because those scores are given by the people who work here. Come join a company where the employees build the culture and create, collaborate and communicate effectively across the organization. 

Check out our overall ratings:

  • Overall a 4.8 out of 5
  • 97% would recommend Calix to a friend
  • 99% approve of our CEO’s leadership

As one current employee puts it, “Nowhere Better to Be"


Calix wins six new awards, making it one of the top work-from-anywhere companies in the world 


“As proud as we are about what we have accomplished, the future is even brighter, and that is a testament to the hard work and talent of our team members. We are hiring to meet our growth goals and are excited to expand our team with top talent from anywhere in the world.”

—Michael Weening, President and Chief Operations Officer, Calix

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Our Culture


Three pillars to our culture

  1. Know your purpose—We expect you to know your purpose in life and your purpose in your role at Calix.
  2. The three C’sCollaborate with a culture that spans business units, functions and geographies, Create a vision to redefine our industry, and Communicate across the business and the marketplace to shape our future.
  3. We take care of our own—This starts with you taking care of yourself, your health and your loved ones before you begin to take care of Calix.

We apply these pillars of our culture to a hyperactive and fluid working environment that can “work from anywhere." Whether you have a space in our Silicon Valley HQ or your home in Saskatchewan, each person on our Calix team plays a critical role in shaping our company. From all-team virtual gatherings with our CEO and founder to flexible work arrangements, our culture serves as the foundation of our past and continued success.


Join the market leader

Working at Calix

Calix is the leading global provider of the cloud and software platforms, systems, and services required to deliver the future-proof networks and unrivaled subscriber experiences of tomorrow.

Our solutions help our customers embrace a DevOps operating model to speed innovation and leverage real-time analytics and insights to anticipate and delight their subscribers while creating new revenue streams to grow their business.



Our Benefits

We take care of our own

When it comes to securing your financial future, our total cash compensation strategy puts us at the top of our industry peers.

We offer a robust health and wellness plan including healthcare insurance, telework, disability support, 100% paid parental and child-delivery leaves, preventive health care, flexible spending accounts, as well as broadband and fitness club reimbursement.

Employees become owners of Calix through our two (2) company employee stock purchase programs. We have a qualified ESPP and in addition we have another ESPP with a key differentiated offering of being a nonqualified employee stock purchase plan that offers a 50% effective discount for shares purchased offering basically a company match for your investment. Our innovative employee stock purchase plan provides differentiated value for your personal investment strategy. In the U.S., we also offer company-contributed 401(k) plans with a match of 50% up to 6%.   


Our Opportunities:
Working from Anywhere

We are looking for the best talent in the world, no matter where you live. Working at Calix means being a part of a global team of talent-rich, subject-matter experts across a broad range of fields collaborating virtually. We are relentless in our pursuit of top talent eager to contribute to our success. A few examples are below.

Moved to Vermont and built a house on a lake

That is what one of our team members did after slogging it out in New Jersey with high house prices, and long commutes.

Works from a cottage for 3 months while his daughter tries out for the Olympic ski team

That is what another team member did. We all thought it was great.

Moves between an apartment in Bermuda and a home Nova Scotia

That is what another team member does every year. We will admit—we are a bit jealous.

Sold her house in the Bay Area area and moved to Nevada where she got 3X the house, access to the mountains, and lower taxes

A member of our team did that 6 months ago and she is very happy. She also traded in her terrible cable speeds for a full fiber service.


Hear what our employees have to say about working at Calix

If you are interested in working at Calix, listen to what your future teammates have to say about the company.  From Collaboration, to Culture to a Work from Anywhere Workplace, let them tell you what makes getting up each morning worthwhile 


Why Culture Matters

Working from Anywhere Provides Life Balance


Collaboration is Key


Engaged Performance Awards recognize Calix among leading workplaces in employee enablement

The third annual Engaged Performance Awards honor organizations whose employees demonstrate an uncommon level of investment in their company’s success. Honorees were selected from a pool of more than 500 companies based on employee responses to a comprehensive set of survey queries around two key question statements:

  • Engagement: I feel proud to work for the company. I would recommend the company as a good place to work.
  • Enablement: My job makes good use of my skills and abilities. Conditions in my job allow me to be as productive as I can be.

Connect with us.


Calix is an equal opportunity workplace.