How do you plan to deliver and elevate the smart home experience?​

Calix Services can help you own
the subscriber experience faster

How do you plan to deliver and elevate the smart home experience?​

Calix Services can help you own
the subscriber experience faster


Calix EDGE Enablement Professional Services

Ready to delight your subscribers?

EDGE Enablement

Reinforce Your Brand with CommandIQ® Personalization and Customization

Up your game on premises
deployments with Deployment
Enablement Services


Would you like to deliver a superior wi-fi experience to
your subscribers?

The EDGE Enablement Workshop ensures your field teams and customer support have the processes and training in place to deliver and deploy a superior managed Wi-Fi experience for your subscribers.

Prepare to Ramp

The EDGE Enablement Workshop helps you get ready to deliver the best Wi-Fi and Edge Services experience for your subscribers. We'll help your team develop a customized Premises Deployment playbook including:

  • Service delivery use cases
  • System architecture
  • Workflows and system deployment best practices

Prepare to Succeed

Calix Professional Services will work with your team onsite to establish optimal Cloud profiles and service delivery workflows and assist in customer deployment scenarios.

Installation and Activation​

  • Optimal installation and placement best practices for GigaFamily systems
  • CommandIQ® walkthrough
  • IoT device connectivity and enable gateway features
  • Demonstrate installation and activation of Edge Services like Voice Services on the GigaSpire


  • Leverage Calix Support Cloud to identify root cause of potential subscriber problems​
  • Learn sources of service degradation and interruption and how to avoid​
  • Technical support best practices and troubleshooting techniques

The EDGE Enablement Workshop reduces time to market for your whole home Wi-Fi and Revenue EDGE initiatives

Through a series of remote and onsite consultations, the Calix Services team partners with CSPs to accelerate their solution deployments with hands-on guidance during actual field installations, incorporating best practices for hardware placement, subscriber turnup, and troubleshooting to ensure success.


Reinforce your brand with CommandIQ® Personalization and Customization Services

Branded mobile apps have a positive impact on consumer attitude! Do you want to reinforce the value of your service and stay top-of-mind in the customer experience? The Calix CommandIQ Personalization Service provides basic modifications to the Calix mobile app to make your brand stand out.

Customers can add their logo and change the primary and secondary color scheme throughout the app, including background and icons, to create a consistent and unique experience for their subscribers. Calix can even help customers set up their Apple and Android stores as an optional service. An annual subscription fee makes sure your subscribers always have the most up to date mobile app with the latest features.

Looking for additional customization to enhance the subscriber experience, talk with a Calix Services expert to find out more.


Streamline installations, reduce repeat truck rolls and improve subscriber satisfaction on premises installations for Revenue EDGE

Are your installation teams going back to your subscribers’ premises again and again to fix issues that should have been resolved on the first visit? Proper system placement, signal strength, grounding, and wiring are just a few of the key implementation concerns that should be validated before your installers leave the site, but do you have the best practices in place, check lists, automation tools, documentation, and quality reviews to streamline the process?

The tools that make up the Deployment Enablement Services can help you reduce premises revisits due to poor quality and installation errors. It can help you accomplish this through enforcing consistent and high-quality installation practices and automating the documentation of important metrics during the installation process that can be used for quality assessment and benchmarking for future troubleshooting reference. The Deployment Enablement Services consist of the following offerings:

  • Calix Project Playbooks
  • The Calix MobilePRO App
  • Calix Quality Assessment Services

Find out more how they can accelerate your premises installation quality, reduce truck rolls and improve subscriber satisfaction