Verizon’s Intelligent Edge Network on AXOS

Verizon and Calix deliver unprecedented 34 Gbps
over fiber using bonded ONT technology

Verizon’s Intelligent Edge Network on AXOS

Verizon and Calix deliver unprecedented 34 Gbps
over fiber using bonded ONT technology

"The access network of the future is available today."


Calix President and CEO Carl Russo shares his perspective on the Verizon announcement


Perspectives on Verizon innovation

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Verizon moves to full deployment with Calix AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System

Verizon partners with Calix to launch the next phase of its Intelligent Edge Network strategy to realize radical reductions in operational costs and improvements in the speed of new service delivery. 

Verizon and Calix achieves speeds of 8 Gbps using NGPON2 technology

With the help of next generation technology, Verizon has raised the bar for customer internet connection. 

NGPON2 standards upgrade the hardware and software in the Optical Line Terminals (OLT) at the end of fiber cables to provide faster speeds, lower latency, simplification of operations and increased automation in the fiber network.  

"We're going to need a better network..."

“…it represents a paradigm shift in the design of access networks, converging our many services networks into a single unified intelligent network, and simplifying our operating model by integrating the OLT and subscriber management system.”  --Verizon, Vincent O'Byrne, Director of Planning Technology  


Lee Hicks shares Verizon's network strategy
at Calix ConneXions

The Power of One

Lee Hicks – Verizon VP of Technology Planning discusses their vision of one network and how they will leverage NG-PON2 as well as consolidate  network elements to build the network of tomorrow.
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Think of the cost savings and the increased agility
you would realize if you converged multiple networks
into a single always on network

Vincent O'Byrne explains the benefits of NG-PON2

Vincent O’Byrne, Verizon Director of Technology Planning talks with industry analyst Julie Kuntsler on the state of NG-PON2 in the industry.
Vincent O’Byrne of Verizon explains the benefits of NG-PON2 and why Verizon sees it as critical for their deployments.

Learn more about the promise of software defined,
converged networks

Learn how your business would benefit if you could converge your multiple services networks and reduce the number of network elements you have to provision and coordinate.
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Imagine. No limits.
Hear Carl Russo's perspective on the future of our industry

"Calix has pursued the vision of a unified access network for a decade, and through the AXOS software platform the vision is now a reality. AXOS allows a service provider to deliver all services on a single, elastic, converged access network that is always on."


--Calix, Carl Russo, President and CEO

Calix President and CEO explores the “really” big story, that the device-enabled subscriber is disrupting the communications industry as we know it, and that a full blown, top to bottom, DevOps transformation is necessary.

What happened to the maintenance window?

Learn More about how AXOS enables an Always On Network! Learn More About AXOS

A packet is touched too many times
in today's network

Difficult to automate

Difficult to coordinate new services

Difficult to manage

How would reducing 5 touch points to 1
help you reduce your operational overhead?

Easily Automate

Faster time to revenue

Fewer Elements to manage   

Learn More About AXOS

How would a distributed BNG help you reduce
data planes in your network?

Simplify your network complexity and remove the BNG – Aggregation – OLT bottleneck a with distributed BNG using AXOS Subscriber Management Module (SMm)

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Learn more about the entire Calix AXOS E-Series Portfolio

Learn more about the entire Calix AXOS E-Series Portfolio

Learn more about deploying the access network of the future today