Software Defined Access

The details make the architecture

Software Defined Access

The details make the architecture

Software Defined Access Architecture Model

Local access with global reach

As a cohesive network architecture, Software Defined Access (SDA) spans from the device-enabled subscriber to the content and applications of the data center. The service data plane traverses wireless and fixed networks over physical and virtual systems.

Subscriber experience management provides each functional team in the service provider with the analytics, policy, and service configuration tools necessary to take positive actions to improve customer loyalty while lowering operating costs through business efficiency.

The access network does not stand alone. Software Defined Access is part of the service provider global network, interfaces with standard interfaces and compatible with all SDN Orchestration and Control systems.

GLOBAL SDN and BSS Ecosystem

  • Support for hierarchical SDN orchestration and control
  • Integration with Operations and Business Support Systems via open standard interfaces
  • Compatible with all multi-vendor, multi-domain SDN ecosystems

Subscriber Experience Management

  • Analytic driven operations: collection, correlation, decision
  • Intent-based policy enforced locally for high response service and security
  • Device and service management for lowest cost zero touch provisioning
  • Dynamic response to network activity

Control and Service Virtualization

  • Containerized, extensible NFV support for 3rd party Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs)
  • Consistent with CORD and other next generation CO architectures
  • Re-usable software modules deployable on x86 Data Center architecture

Unified Access Network

  • Cost-optimized architectures for centralized, distributed, and on-premises media delivery
  • Always On network operation
  • Telemetry and instrumentation at all points of the network
  • Consistent operations across fiber, copper, wireless, residential, business, mobile solutions

Calix Software Defined Access Solutions for every network

Fiber, copper, wireless? Business, residential, wireless aggregation? They’re all included and all part of the Software Defined Access network solutions from Calix.