A True Broadband Access Enclosure System

Calix outdoor cabinets (ODCs) are specifically designed to complement the service delivery and network migration capabilities of Calix advanced access systems. These innovative enclosures meet the rigorous demands of delivering information, communication, and entertainment services in an evolving, multi-media environment.

Not Simply Plain Old Telephone Service

Delivering broadband services generates more equipment heat and demands greater thermal dispersion from cabinets than traditional voice services. Calix ODCs are designed to eliminate excess heat and keep electronics operating efficiently even when the cabinets are fully loaded. But managing heat is just one of the challenges facing broadband enclosures. Migration from copper to fiber makes managing a mix of copper and fiber lines an essential requirement of broadband cabinets. With Calix cabinets, special care has been taken to insure that the cabinets can migrate gracefully from copper to fiber when the time comes.

Unmatched DSL and FTTP Density

All Calix cabinets provide full, unimpeded access to equipment and cables, with support for 100% DSL and FTTP take rates. There is also expansion space and cooling available in each cabinet to support the addition of other equipment should the need arise.

Craft Friendly

Calix cabinets are built with the craft person in mind; all modules are plug-and-play so that components such as rectifiers are easily replaceable. All equipment components are accessible via extra doors or slide-down trays. The cabinets also offer a laptop tray and a document pocket, making for a cleaner and more organized work environment.

Complete Line of Broadband Enclosures

Calix offers a full line of cabinets for your evolving network. The enclosures range in capacity from 96 to the 2,880 lines, and all feature the innovative broadband design that makes them an integral element in the Calix access portfolio.

Cabinet Maximum number of
copper lines
Maximum number of
fiber (FTTP) subscribers
ODC-100 96 -
ODC-200 384 2048
ODC-1000 480 4,096
ODC-2000 960 8,192
ODC-3000 1,920 16,384

Download the Calix Unified Access portfolio brochure (PDF)

Enclosure Front
Enclosure Side
Enclosure Rear
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