Calix E3-8G

GPON up here? You bet.

Calix E3-8G

E3-8G Node-based GPON OLT

The E3-8G is a node-based, environmentally hardened, optical line terminal (OLT). This innovative node is optimized to allow cable operators to cost-effectively deliver symmetrical gigabit services today, while preparing for 10 gigabit per second (10 Gbps) and multi-wavelength based PON service offerings in the future. Leveraging 60/90VAC cable plant power and a strand or pole mountable node-based design, the E3-8G is designed to seamlessly deliver advanced broadband services to over 500 residential or business customers using proven gigabit passive optical network (GPON) technology. By utilizing a node-based architecture, cable operators can both leverage a familiar form factor and deployment model, as well as significantly improve the economics of fiber deployment when compared with traditional fiber network deployments.

Read the Calix press release about the E3-8G

E3-8G Key Features

Provides easy migration to FTTH

  • Node-based, strand or pole mountable design fits existing MSO outside plant architecture
  • Leverages existing cable coaxial power plant

Minimizes operational impacts

  • DOCSIS® provisioning using Open Link Cable requires no changes to back-office provisioning systems and procedures

Leverages the full value of the Calix GPON solution

  • Supports all existing Calix GPON ONTs
  • Fully supported by CMS, Consumer Connect and Command Center
  • Supports all GPON functions supported by E7 GPON cards
  • Common software with E7-2 and E7-20 GPON

GigaFamily Premises Deployment Options

For deployments worldwide.


P-Series ONT Options

For most North American deployments.

P-Series ONTs