Calix C7

The Calix C7 Multiservice Access System

Ideal for multiservice applications requiring TDM services, the Calix C7 is the industry leading multiservice access system designed for remote terminal or central office / data center deployments. The C7 facilitates network evolution by combining support for SONET and TDM Services including Voice Gateway, DS0, DS1, DS3, T1, and other Specials services.


Most successful Multiservice Access Platform ever

Migrating from ADSL2+ or SONET to Ethernet? The Calix C7 is trusted and proven to deliver a converged network infrastructure.

C7 Service Cards

Copper Telco Services SONET Copper Access Broadband Resource and Ethernet Fiber Access Control and Adminstration
POTS OC3 ADSL2+ (DSLAM) VIPR (Voice over IP Resource) GPON ports RAP-10GE (Resource Arbitration Processor)
2 W DS0 Specials OC12 ADSL2+ (Combo) IRC (IP Resource Card) - RAP3 (Resource Arbitration Processor)
4 W DS0 Specials OC48 (LR and IR) VDSL2 (DSLAM) EGW (TDM/SIP Ethernet Gateway) - AMP (Administration and Maintenance Processor)
Nortel P-Phone - VDSL2 (Combo) GE-2E - ATP (Administration and Test Processor)
DDS Specials - - - - -
HDSL2 (Span Powering) - - - - -
HDSL4 (Span Powering) - - - - -
T1 (Span Powering) - - - - -
DS1 - - - - -
DS3 (STS1) - - - - -