Supporting Advanced GPON Technology

Calix T-Series ONTs

Designed to work with the Calix BLM1500, the T-Series family of ONTs maximize capital and operational efficiency.

With the introduction of the T-Series ONT family, Calix is continuing its expansion of the industry's broadest ONT portfolio. T-Series ONTs are designed to work with the BLM 1500 and come in two categories: multi-dwelling unit (MDU) ONTs and home gateway unit (HGU) ONTs. Both types of ONTs support advanced GPON technology and dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA), maximizing capital and operational efficiency. All T-Series ONTs support voice, high-speed Internet, advanced data services, and IP multicast video.

HGU ONTs combine single family unit (SFU) functionality with gigabit residential gateway features, delivering a high performance home network experience. All T07xG HGU models have four gigabit Ethernet (GE) LAN ports and two POTS ports supporting SIP or H.248. The T073G and T077G models provide a standards-based, single-band Wi-Fi interface, operating in the "b," "g," or "n" mode with multiple concurrent SSIDs.

When these ONTs are configured for "n" mode, they utilize a 2x2 multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antenna array to double the throughput and reach compared to older Wi-Fi modes. These two ONT models also provide a USB port for shared access to a USB storage device. The T076G and T077G ONTs support RF video overlay (1550 nm wavelength), allowing service providers to deliver up to 80 analog TV channels or up to 135 digital TV channels, or a combination of both.

T-Series HGU ONT models include:

  • T072G: 4 GE + 2 POTS
  • T073G: 4 GE + 2 POTS + USB + Wi-Fi
  • T076G: 4 GE + 2 POTS + RF
  • T077G: 4 GE + 2 POTS + RF + USB + Wi-Fi
View T077G Interactive model

MDU ONTs are ideal for apartments, nursing homes, and other structured living environments, and can serve up to 24 subscribers per ONT. The T710G-24 and T720G-24 models include 24 Fast Ethernet (FE) LAN ports, while the T720G-24 includes 24 POTS ports supporting SIP or H.248. Both ONTs provide flexible VLAN support to ensure proper QOS classification, queuing, scheduling, and rate limiting. Depending on deployment needs, each FE port can be configured for VLAN per port or for bridged port functionality.

T-Series MDU ONT models include:

  • T710G-24: 24 FE
  • T720G-24: 24 FE + 24 POTS