An Ethernet Broadband Access Pioneer

Calix B6 Access Nodes

The B6 Access Nodes deliver field proven triple play services while simplifying copper and fiber broadband networks.  Each highly flexible B6 is hardened for either central office / data center or remote terminal deployments and is available in 3 chassis sizes. The B6 features distributed traffic processing, which eliminates the need for common equipment while simplifying network and service expansion. This innovative approach to network and nodal design arms network engineers with a system capable of meeting service growth demands while scaling from tens to thousands of subscribers.

B6-012 Ethernet Service Access Node

The B6-012 and B6-012i chassis incorporate design advancements that simplify chassis installation and reduce turn-up time.  The B6-012i integrates the intelligent interconnect architecture connections directly into the physical backplane. Featuring 12 service line card slots and 20 1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet ports for local connections, the B6-012i allows service providers to scale their networks as new service opportunities arise.  Up to 576 point-to-point Active Ethernet or VDSL2 subscribers or any combination of the numerous B6 line cards can be supported. The B6-012 is 12RU high and can be installed in 23-inch relay rack or OSP cabinets.

B6-006 Ethernet Service Access Node

The B6-006 is designed for medium density deployments, featuring six line card slots and supporting up to 288 Active Ethernet or VDSL2 subscribers or any combination of the numerous B6 line cards. Any B6 line card can be deployed in any slot and in any configuration, with self-discovery and network configuration settings automatically loaded upon insertion. The B6 chassis is 7 RU high and can be horizontally mounted in a 19-inch or 23-inch relay rack or OSP cabinets.

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B6-001 Ethernet Service Access Node

Each B6-001 chassis can be populated with any B6 line card, allowing it to be deployed as a standalone unit or interconnected with other B6-001 chassis utilizing the intelligent interconnect architecture. B6 line cards slide into the front of the B6-001 chassis, allowing fast and easy field replacement without disconnecting the existing copper cabling. Each B6-001 chassis can accommodate up to up to 48 point-to-point Active Ethernet subscribers, or up to 48 VDSL2 subscribers or any of the numerous B6 line cards. The BLC 6001 chassis is 1 RU high, allowing for low profile deployment in 19-inch or 23-inch relay racks or OSP cabinets.

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Calix B6

B6 ESAN Model Physical Size Number of Slots Deployment Options Integrated Backplane Distributed Backplane
B6-001 1 RU High 1 Standalone - Y
B6-006 7 RU High 6 Medium Capacity Y -
B6-012i 12 RU High 12 High Capacity Y -
B6-012 12 RU High 12 High Capacity - Y

B6 ESAN Line Cards

B6 ESAN Line Cards POTS Ports T1 Ports DSL Ports Optical GE Ports Optical GPON Ports Optical 10 GE Ports Copper 10GE Ports
B6-150 48 4 - 4 - - -
B6-152 48 - - 4 - - -
B6-216 - - 48 VDSL2 2 - - -
B6-256 48 - 48 VDSL2 - - 4 -
B6-318 - - - 48 - 4 -
B6-322 - - - 2 4 1 2
B6-440 - 8 - 4 - - -
B6-452 - - - 16 - 4 -
B6-640 - 8 (GR-303) or 4 (TR 08) - 4 - - -
B6-660 - 8 - 4 - - -