From kick-off to lab test award winning in 120 days: Unprecedented!

Cable operators benefit from life in the AXOS fast lane

Brilliantly simple. Brilliantly elegant. Unprecedented.

AXOS 10G EPON redefines PON for cable operators

The 10G EPON market has been void of innovation. 10G EPON is a mature technology, DOCSIS provisioned PON is now a standard and there is little to differentiate one solution from another.

Until now… Calix is not your Father’s EPON.


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AXOS 10G EPON designed for Cable

Cable operators have embarked on delivering “ubiquitous” gigabit with DOCSIS and PON technologies. The competitive battle is less about the speed of internet services and more about speed at which applications and features can be delivered.

To do this, operators must embrace networks that are software definedvirtualized, and agile. With this in mind, Calix has built the only software defined 10G EPON based on AXOS, the world’s only Software Defined Access platform.   

Calix AXOS 10G EPON is:

  • Faster to deploy
  • Easier to maintain and upgrade
  • Capable of elegantly transitioning from DOCSIS to SDN
  • Simple to virtualize network functions on demand
  • DPoE v2 compliant

Software defined simplicity and elegance

Learn how Calix developed the most capable, robust, and stable 10G EPON in 120 days. 

Video Library: SDA for Cable Operators explained

AXOS will forever change the way you operate your access network.

Brilliantly simple yet exceedingly intelligent: the AXOS network operating system and software platform built for the specific needs of the access network accelerates time-to revenue, eliminates service disruptions, and reduces operational complexity for cable operators.

  • Containerized software components simplify and reduce upgrades to non-events
  • Stateful, self-healing operation for best subscriber experience and high satisfaction
  • Simple and straight forward means to virtualize processes and service along with CCAP


DOCSIS friendly and SDN ready

Brilliantly elegant and fashionably early:  Leveraging AXOS DPx, the industry’s first virtualized DOCSIS microservice connector, only Calix provides operators an elegant path from DOCSIS provisioned PON to Software Defined Access.  Leveraging the same NETCONF/YANG modelled interfaces for both DOCSIS provisioning and SDN control, Calix eliminates the complexities and cost of traditional DPoE “on box” solutions providing operators a seamless transition to a software defined access network. 

Leveraging AXOS Layer 3 modules

Simplicity through brilliance: the Calix 10G EPON system with integrated routing, subscriber management, and usage based accounting simplifies a cable operator’s transition to FTTH. The capabilities of AXOS routing and layer 3 modules eliminates the need and cost of additional network elements.  

Want GPON? All innovations found in our 10G-EPON are already available in existing AXOS systems.

AXOS is compatible with anyPONTM and anyPHYTM and integrates with  anySDNTM


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