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The Fast Track to Gigabit Services

Calix Solutions for Cable Operators

Cable operators now have a fast track to gigabit services!

The path to network transformation is a bit more complex than simply changing out boxes of a particular access technology. Operators must consider solutions that ease the transition from legacy systems, while moving to a platform that can adapt and evolve with the cloud based networks of the future. The systems based on Calix AXOS software platform, offers Cable Operators solutions that ease the transition from an HFC network today, with the foundation and elements to support the software-defined network and network function virtualization of the future.

Gigabit and Mulit-Gigabit Services

Cable operators have a choice. While the industry is moving toward 10 Gigabit PON technology, the costs to deploy residential services on such a platform can strain the best of business cases. With millions of subscribers worldwide, Calix's GPON product portfolio provides cable operators the ability to cost-effectively deliver symmetrical gigabit services today, while ready for 10 gigabit per second (10 Gbps) fixed wavelength and multi-wavelength based PON service when you are. Calix allows operators to leverage evolving PON technologies as network costs align with multi-Gbps business cases.

Go Gigabit with Calix PON today!

Network rEvolution

Calix's GPON solution offers one of the widest selections of Optical Line Terminals (OLT) in the industry to support the varying and unique deployment environments of an operator. With 3 OLT form factors including the industry's first node based GPON OLT (E3-2 Intelligent PON Node), each have been purpose built to seamlessly fit into the operator's deployment model to best leverage existing structures, cabinets, and power facilities.

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Virtualized DOCSIS Provisioned PON Today, Seamless Transition to SDN Tomorrow

DOCSIS® back office provisioning is part of a cable operator’s DNA.  Integration of new technology is often wrought with challenges and is not only costly, but can negatively impact operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction. AXOS DPx virtualized connector, emulates the OSS interfaces that are used by DOCSIS® cable modems and cable modem termination systems (CMTS) to quickly and seamlessly integrate PON into a cable provider’s operations.     

Moreover, DPx enables a simple migration from DOCSIS OSSI to Software Defined Access by leveraging a common NETCONF/OpenFlow model across all of Calix AXOS based anyPHY systems.   DPx is helping cable operators define the path from DOCSIS to anySDN

Layer 3 Routing and Service Flows

Cable operators implement residential services based on IP service flows. Layer 2 PON technology has required integration of third party aggregation routers to maintain operational consistency with DOCSIS networks. Calix’s fiber deep E3-2 Intelligent PON Node with routing and subscriber management, allows operators to easily transition to a distributed fiber network without having to deviate from their fundamental service delivery model.

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