Monetize your access network with software-first architecture

Software Defined Access from Calix

CORD? Next Gen CO? Edge and Core routers? There’s a better way

No dumb pipes! There’s more to access than connections

Subscriber Driven Intelligent Access

Open, standards-based, monetized access networking

How do you monetize your assets, build a future-proof low OpEx architecture, and avoid vendor lock-in? Stop thinking about access networks as dumb pipes! The dumb pipe mentality contributed to centralization — great for OTT vendors — but it leaves subscribers exposed and service providers blind to subscriber premises. Calix has a different view: centralize content while distributing subscriber service management based on network intelligence.  

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SDA in Conversation

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Software Defined Access

Subscriber insight-driven decisions delivering faster time to revenue at a lower total cost of ownership.

Software Defined Access is an open framework for building next generation access networks that leverages DevOps, Instrumentation, Analytics, Flow Awareness, Software Defined Networking and Network Virtualization, extended across the access network and driven by the harsh environment and high rate of change of the physical layer. 

SDA vs. The Alternatives

We built...


Instrumentation, analytics, subscriber management, security


Policy, intent-based Quality of Experience (QoE), programmable

Always On

Stateful, componentized, self-healing


Enable the migration to the future

Consistent with traditional CDN/core, NGCO, CORD, virtualized, on box, any SDN controller and orchestrator

The alternatives...


Pipes, speeds-and-feeds oriented


System and OS limited

Redundant hardware

Hardware compensation for high-risk software failures

One size fits all architectures

Fixed, restrictive path that limits future options



Calix Software Defined Access Solutions for every network

Fiber, copper, wireless? Business, residential, wireless aggregation? They’re all included and all part of the Software Defined Access network solutions from Calix.

OpEx can consume 70% of overall network costs. Imagine cutting that to just 14%. Watch Verizon’s Lee Hicks explain how. Now what would you do with the 56% unused budget?

ISE Article – The impact of SDN on access networks

Calix VP of Product Line Management Shane Eleniak discusses in the March issue of ISE the realities of bringing SDN to the access network, and how a new concept called Software Defined Access rapidly delivers new services, a superior customer experience, and unparalleled reliability for service providers.

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