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Check out our second quarter releases

Calix Portfolio News

Check out our second quarter releases

Portfolio News

Calix Second Quarter 2020 Release Summary

Calix is committed to making it easier for our customers to keep up with the latest platform and solution releases across our entire portfolio. To ensure that we provide a consistent and predictable view of our new capabilities each quarter, we have moved to a standard release cadence. Every quarter we will share our latest releases starting in the second week of the second month.

Here you will find all of the latest software and hardware updates to our strategic platforms - Calix Cloud, EXOS, AXOS - and Calix Services. We will also provide updates to our integrated solutions such as Calix Smart Home and Business.


Revenue EDGE

Elevate your offerings: a storefront for your subscribers

Updated Revenue EDGE solution allows for the delivery of the Ultimate Wi-Fi experience with a wide portfolio of Wi-Fi systems, enables marketers with a new channel to market directly to their subscribers, empowers CSRs with more powerful remote experience management capabilities, and enables subscribers to become even more self-sufficient.

Highlights of the 20.2 Release include:


EDGE Insights—a truly differentiated experience requires not just the availability of individual applications, but the careful integration of insights and visibility to those applications. That is what EDGE Insights is all about. For Release 20.2, several improvements have been made:

  • Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) includes several new enhancements starting with the ability to implement cost-effective, event-driven mobile notifications adding easy automation to your marketing efforts to address potential subscriber issues proactively. These enhancements also include a new insights lens to show Wi-Fi device types connected, new filters to identify subscribers using Basic Parental Control profiles to easily target subscribers who would be interested in ExperienceIQ Enhanced Parental Controls, and the ability to search for individual subscriber information for deeper insights into historical behavior and experience.
  • Calix Support Cloud (CSC) functionality evolves further to provide new and enhanced abilities for frontline customer care teams to remotely manage the ultimate subscriber experience, while working collaboratively with subscribers. Support personnel can now remotely turn up and onboard subscribers faster through the CommandIQ™ app, connecting them quickly to EDGE Suites and enabling them to manage and trouble-shoot their own experience. Additionally, enhanced subscriber lookup and role-based access control provide more efficient access to the right subscriber information and diagnostics for the fastest possible issue resolution.

EDGE Systems—Deliver the Ultimate Wi-Fi experience to your subscribers, based on their unique requirements, thanks to a full portfolio of Calix GigaSpire BLAST systems, all running EXOS, including:

  • BLAST u12 (formerly the GigaSpire BLAST), featuring a 12x12 Wi-Fi 6 antenna array (8x8 @ 5 GHz and 4x4 @ 2.4 GHz), one GigE LAN port and one GigE WAN port;
  • BLAST u6, with a 6x6 Wi-Fi 6 antenna array (4x4 @ 5 GHz and 2x2 @ 2.4 GHz), four GigE LAN ports, 2 POTS ports, and either one GigE WAN port (BLAST u6.1) or one 2.5 GigE WAN port (u6.2); and
  • BLAST u4, available in Release 20.3, we’re bringing consumer cool to a carrier-grade system.

By deploying an EDGE System, powered by an intelligent premises operating system (EXOS), you are effectively turning your connection in the home into true ‘storefronts’. This allows you to offer appealing new services and applications that will lead to increased subscriber satisfaction and the generation of additional recurring revenue.


EDGE Services—With Release 20.2, CommandIQ (the subscriber portal into the storefront), users benefit from usability and functionality enhancements, including the ability for subscribers to receive wired mesh notifications, update the email address associated with their account, display a variety of mesh backhaul information from the network map, and access simplified, step-by-step instructions for the initial installation of their BLAST systems.


EDGE Enablement—Calix remains dedicated to the success of our customers. EDGE Enablement is just one example of that commitment, with marketing, education, success and professional services that can be used to evaluate, educate, launch, promote and WIN with new services.

The assets provided within EDGE Enablement continue to grow, in both quantity and quality. For Release 20.2, an all-new Content Hub is available, making it easier to find, segment and sort the more than 200 go-to-market programs, campaigns, and assets. New content additions, built following our BLAST brand guidelines, include: 

  • Omni-channel assets, including new brochures, bill inserts and mobile marketing campaigns (for Calix Marketing Cloud);

  • An Ultimate Blast Wi-Fi activation kit, which includes GigaSpire Blast branding plates, a custom branded box sleeve, brochure, and web templates; 

  • License-free photography for some campaigns; and

  • New assets for a number of new campaigns, including ones dedicated to the summer season, being at home, video streaming, working from home. 

EDGE Suites—Enhancements have been made to ProtectIQ™ for Release 20.2, displaying status information and statistics within CommandIQ that provide subscribers with visual evidence of the value provided by the security service (e.g., amount of data processed, number of virus blocked, etc.).


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Sign up for the May 27th webinar: Deliver on your commitment: Improving the Home Broadband Experience Together     

Intelligent Access EDGE

Ensure your business continuity and remote support capabilities

Your ability to maintain subscriber services, and troubleshoot quickly and remotely, is more critical than ever. In 20.2, the latest systems and software innovations from the Intelligent Access EDGE solution will enhance your network resiliency, network reliability, and subscriber experience during these challenging times. The Intelligent Access EDGE simplifies network operations, enabling you to keep your subscribers connected and your field service team safe with enhanced service provisioning and remote network troubleshooting capabilities. Also included are use case expansions and TCO improvements for the E9-2 Intelligent Edge system.

Highlights of the 20.2 release include:


EDGE Systems

With the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System, we continue to expand on the Layer 2 network model. New capabilities include:

  • T1 pseudowire GPON ONT support for the E9-2
  • Automated process improvements for AXOS line card upgrades
  • New E9-2 GP1612 GPON line card lowers TCO by reducing power consumption by 30%.
  • DHCP server enables static subscribers avoiding manual IP Address configuration
  • Simplified Network Architecture use case expansion utilizing the E9-2 to aggregate your existing Layer 2 access network and consolidate functions like subscriber management, aggregation, and lawful intercept

With the E7-2 Intelligent Modular System, we are introducing some new Open Access network capabilities for GPON deployments as well as enhancements related to IPFIX statistics reporting and MIP/MEP support on Service OAM.


EDGE Tools

This Access EDGE Tools release enhances the AXOS Services Management Connector (SMx), adding new levels of serviceability and flexibility to handle the increased demands on your networks. By utilizing the AXOS platform and SMx, you can realize faster time-to-revenue capabilities while also lowering your operational cost structure. The AXOS SMx solution enables service providers to dynamically drive automation within operational processes that results in a dramatic reduction in service delivery intervals and a markedly improved automated service provisioning and subscriber quality experience.

With 20.2 we have introduced even more SMx capabilities that support and enhance your network resiliency, network reliability and subscriber experience.

  1. OLT Inventory Reporting—Simplifies network record keeping by enabling you to map out your PON and Active Ethernet networks inclusive of tracking line card installations in OLTs, software versions within your network and number of active subscribers.
  2. ONT Profile Port Settings Configuration—Simplifies service provisioning through profile-driven ONT port configurations which greatly reduces the time for you to provision new services at a subscriber level.
  3. Automated Active Subscriber Accounting—SMx automates the process of keeping track of active revenue generating subscribers on your network for financial reporting purposes.

We also recognize that your field service teams are faced with a whole new reality. While traditional support approaches will always have a role, remote network troubleshooting capabilities are needed to add new levels of serviceability and flexibility, especially given today’s working environment. You can now shorten resolution times for addressing network or service-related problems with the Calix AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox. These tools will empower you to proactively address service troubleshooting issues faster than ever before, which leads to fewer service calls, lower costs, and greater customer satisfaction.


EDGE Enablement Services

To support you even more, we have a portfolio of Access EDGE Enablement Services that will help you accelerate the turn up and deployment of AXOS systems and SMx within your network efficiently and cost effectively. The Calix Professional Services team are here to help you through every step of the process taking the guesswork out of designing, installing, and turning up AXOS networks.


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Calix Services

NEW! Network Capacity Assessment Service

Service Providers are seeing massive surges in subscriber traffic as consumers shift to working and learning from home. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are responding by upping the bandwidth speeds made available to their subscribers. There’s a corresponding shift in traffic demand as subscribers use extra bandwidth for video conferencing, distance learning, telehealth and streaming entertainment. It’s giving many CSPs cause for concern on the utilization of their Passive Optical Network (PON) and uplink ports and can have the potential to lead to subscriber affecting bottlenecks.

The Network Capacity Assessment Service gives CSPs weekly reports on current network utilization and historical views on peak traffic and utilization by PONs and uplinks. In addition, Calix Services will provide periodic consulting sessions over a six-month period where a Calix Network Engineer will provide insight on traffic reports and

guidance and recommendations on ways to alleviate or prevent capacity bottlenecks in the network. 

Learn more about the Network Capacity Assessment Service

Download Network Capacity Assessment Service Solution Brief

We have your back with these updated Managed Services Offerings

To help you better address the challenges you are facing with the current crisis and position you for the new operational normal, we’ve bundled the Remote Monitoring Service with the Network Capacity Assessment Service. This bundle includes the same great RMS features and network utilization reporting and guidance at no charge to help you address operational challenges remotely, efficiently, proactively and safely.

Also, to help Calix customers relieve operational strain and improve efficiencies while working remotely, they can leverage Remote Monitoring Incident Notifications for 60 days without charge. Due to popular demand, Calix has extended the sign-up of this popular no-charge offer through the end of May 2020. 

Learn more about the Remote Monitoring Service and Network Capacity Assessment Service bundle

Download Bundle Solution Brief

Learn more about the Remote Monitoring Incident Notifications no charge offer – sign up now

Download Remote Monitoring Incident Notifications Solution Brief

New! MobilePRO App Express Premises Installation package

Calix Professional Services has made it easier than ever to start enjoying the benefits of the Deployment Enablement Services for Revenue EDGE related premises installations. We’ve introduced a low-cost starter package featuring the MobilePRO app that will help your your field installers and contractors improve premises installation quality and reduce repeat truck rolls.

The MobilePRO app works on your smart phone or tablet and enables field installers to immediately collect installation data including download and upload speeds and optical power levels along with ONT, GigaSpire systems, set top boxes, and 3rd party device placement and cabling images.

The data is automatically formatted into an electronic report allowing easy access for subsequent troubleshooting and quality reviews. Find out more about Deployment Enablement Services MobilePRO Express Premises Installation package.

Learn more about Calix Deployment Enablement Services

Download Deployment Enablement Services for Premises Installations Solution Brief

New training subscription! Revenue EDGE eLearning Enterprise subscription

Give everyone in your organization access to critical Revenue EDGE related eLearning courses on Calix Cloud, Systems, business and technology topics. These courses will accelerate team competency and skills of your Marketing, Customer Support and Field Technician teams. One annual fee covers all employees within your company and gives them access to current and future select Revenue EDGE eLearning courses along with any periodic updates.

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Premier Customer Success for Calix Cloud Support and Marketing

EDGE Enablement Professional Services

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