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Check out our first quarter releases

Calix Portfolio News

Check out our first quarter releases

Portfolio News

Calix First Quarter 2020 Release Summary

Calix is committed to making it easier for our customers to keep up with the latest platform and solution releases across our entire portfolio. To ensure that we provide a consistent and predictable view of our new capabilities each quarter, we have moved to a standard release cadence. Every quarter we will share our latest releases starting in the second week of the second month.

Here you will find all of the latest software and hardware updates to our strategic platforms - Calix Cloud, EXOS, AXOS - and Calix Services. We will also provide updates to our integrated solutions such as Calix Smart Home and Business.


Revenue EDGE

It’s Never Been Easier to Deliver the Ultimate Subscriber Experience and Elevate Your Revenue

Latest release of the Revenue EDGE solution allows CSPs to act now to differentiate their subscriber experience.

Using data-driven subscriber insights, service providers can deliver foundational services and differentiated experiences that create value for their subscribers. Turning the subscriber edge into revenue starts with the EDGE Foundation, which includes:

EDGE Insights - A truly differentiated experience requires not just the availability of individual applications, but the careful integration of insights and views of those applications. That is what EDGE Insights is all about. For Release 20.1, several improvements have been made, including a ‘single sign-on’ for Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) and Calix Support Cloud (CSC), based on personas/user profiles. In addition:

  • Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) now shows trending data from ‘work from home’ users (in addition to the ‘streamer’ and ‘gamer’ trending data already provided). The streaming thresholds have also been adjusted, allowing marketing teams to do more focused outreach to heavy streamers.
  • Calix Support Cloud (CSC) functionality evolves further to provide even more visibility into CommandIQ users and the EDGE Suites providing a view of all subscribers using the mobile app, as well as some of the individual settings and alerts available from ProtectIQ™ and ExperienceIQ™. The objective is to make it easier for customer service/customer experience representatives (CSRs/CERs) to help subscribers if they have questions. Finally, CSRs/CERs can initiate speed tests from within CSC, resulting in improved call resolution times.

EDGE Systems - To enable CSPs to meet the unique needs of subscribers, Calix is expanding our portfolio of EDGE Systems.  Part of this evolution includes a re-brand of the GigaSpire BLAST family. The BLAST u12 (formerly the GigaSpire BLAST) and BLAST u12X (formerly GigaSpire MAX), as well as the new EDGE Systems, coming soon, continue to elevate core functionality:

  • Wi-Fi 6, allowing subscribers to enjoy better coverage and improved throughput options when compared with existing systems that use 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology; and
  • EXOS, empowering subscribers with every feature of the CommandIQ mobile app, as well as our two new EDGE Suites; ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ. The new BLAST systems also support CAF Performance Testing requirements.

EDGE Services - With Release 20.1, CommandIQ benefits from a number of usability and functionality enhancements, including the ability for subscribers to assign/re-assign connected devices to any of the available categories provided within the app (e.g., printers, computers, phones, Wi-Fi IoT, etc.) or to move devices from one category to another.


EDGE Enablement - For Release 20.1, two areas of EDGE Enablement have been significantly expanded.

More Market Activation assets have been added in MyCalix. These assets—available to customers who subscribe to the entire Revenue EDGE—include subscriber facing videos, web content, social campaigns, and box sleeves for the GigaSpire BLAST systems. Existing customers can work with their Customer Success team member to understand more about using these amazing assets.

The EDGE Enablement workshop offered by Professional Services has been improved to include:

  • Important Wi-Fi technologies and their impact on subscriber installations;
  • Revenue EDGE solution features;
  • Cloud workflows and profiles; and
  • Installation and troubleshooting best practices.

Combining EDGE Enablement workshops with CommandIQ personalization services—to make the app your own—is a perfect combination to accelerate your time to market.


EDGE Suites - Newly-announced at ConneXions 2019, ProtectIQ™ and ExperienceIQ™—both of which are available inside the CommandIQ mobile app— have also been improved for the 20.1 release. Specifically:

  • ProtectIQ now features a Device and Network Alert Whitelist, allowing subscribers to remove certain devices / alerts from monitoring (e.g., business applications like Zoom); and
  • ExperienceIQ™ now features time limits for specific applications, a safe browsing feature to experience benefits of Google 'Safe Browsing' and Bing 'SafeSearch' features, the ability to screen out potentially mature or offensive content from YouTube, and a setting within both the application and category filters to block known VPN services.

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Sign up for the February 26th webinar: Don't Be Left in the Dark: Use data and insights to launch new services and drive revenue     

Intelligent Access EDGE

Enabling Service Providers Everywhere to Build the Last Network They Will Ever Need to Build

Turn your access network into your competitive edge. 

Redefine the access edge of the network by radically simplifying its architecture and operations.  Collapse multiple network elements into a single system in the access network using the AXOS Software modules of ARm, RPm, and SMm moving the IP services edge closer to the subscriber to reduce systems to provision and manage, simplify workflows and extend the life of the upstream PE router making your network ready for the 10G PON and beyond revolution which is upon us. 

Edge Software 

The Intelligent Access Edge solution begins with software, the AXOS Software Platform and the modules that make it up. With Release 20.1 we bring to market the Advanced Routing Module (ARm). ARm moves the MPLS IP service edge closer to the subscriber. 

Building your last, next network requires a strong foundation. The Intelligent Access Edge Foundation, provides the key elements required for success and includes: 

  • EDGE Insights – Gain more insight into your network, proactively solve issues and plan network upgrades with Calix Remote Monitoring Service.
  • EDGE Systems – Intelligent Access Edge Systems powered by AXOS enable you to deliver services to your subscriber from the data center to the very remote locations of your network.
  • EDGE Tools – How would your business benefit if you could reduce service calls? You can now verify data delivery, service integrity and address all your service troubleshooting needs through the capabilities provided by the AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox.
  • EDGE Enablement – It’s more important than ever to develop your employees and train them on the technology and applications that delight your subscribers. Calix Education Services offer flexible learning solutions to develop and validate the skills you need. 

New for Release 20.1 is our Network Consulting Services, with which we can help you solve scaling or performance issues, simplify workflow and processes, plan for pending capacity issues and discuss best practices for success.

Learn more about pending network challenges in our recent webinar: It’s time to deploy 10G PON

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Calix Services

NEW! Network Consulting Services

Calix Network Consulting Services empowers your team with the expertise to help you reach your business, technical and operational objectives. Calix Network Consulting experts provide insight, guidance and direction to help you develop your network strategy and implementation plans and improve the performance, reliability and robustness of your services.

The Calix Network Consulting approach is straightforward and proven, and has delivered immense value, particularly for service providers with limited staff or those lacking access to the technical expertise required to undertake a full network transformation project.

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EDGE Enablement Services Enhancements and Updates

EDGE Enablement Services are a collection of new and updated market activation resources, consults, Customer Success offerings, training and services to accelerate the execution of your Revenue EDGE strategy. We’ve identified a portfolio of vital services to help accelerate your Revenue EDGE adoption and execution.

Education Services – New! Revenue EDGE Learning Path is collection of job role-based eLearning courses on Calix Cloud, Systems, premises systems and business and technology topics recommended to accelerate team competency and skill.

Customer Success – All Revenue EDGE customers benefit from Success for All, but to accelerate your time to value we encourage you to invest in Premier Customer Success for both Calix Cloud Marketing and Support to maximize leverage of the actionable insights made available through Calix Cloud platforms.

Professional Services – A collection of Enablement Professional Services critical to your Revenue EDGE execution.

  • EDGE Enablement Workshop focuses on Support and Field Technician readiness and helps you operationalize fast and improve the end-to-end delivery and installation of EDGE Suites, Services and Systems.
  • CommandIQ Personalization puts your brand in your subscriber’s hand by adding your logo and colors to the CommandIQ Mobile App – NEW! logo placement options for 20.1!.
  • Deployment Enablement Services for premises installs gives you ongoing benefits by arming your team with automation tools and best practices to enable repeatable, streamlined installs, reduced re-trips and improved quality.
  • Broadband Performance Testing Service will help you get your CAF testing framework up and working and provide you regular Quality of Service performance analysis of your broadband test results along with helping you on your test results filings.

Learn more about Revenue EDGE Learning Path

Premier Customer Success for Calix Cloud Support and Marketing

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