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Check out our fourth quarter releases

Calix Portfolio News

Check out our fourth quarter releases

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Calix Fourth Quarter 2020 Release Summary

Calix is committed to making it easier for our customers to keep up with the latest platform and solution releases across our entire portfolio. To ensure that we provide a consistent and predictable view of our new capabilities each quarter, we have moved to a standard release cadence. Every quarter we will share our latest releases starting in the second week of the second month.

Here you will find all of the latest software and hardware updates to our strategic platforms—Calix Cloud, EXOS, AXOS, and Calix Services. We will also provide updates to our integrated solutions such as Revenue EDGE and Intellgent Access EDGE.


Revenue EDGE

Deliver new experiences that capture your subscribers’ attention

Every day, Calix partners with innovative service providers to deliver the best subscriber experience possible. The Revenue EDGE is designed to provide a powerful connection with your subscribers and to assist in your battle with consumer giants that are competing for your subscribers’ mindshare. 


Highlights of the 20.4 Release include: 


EDGE Insights—You can leverage real-time data to engage subscribers and elevate your brand as if you are a consumer giant. The careful integration of insights and visibility of key applications, through EDGE Insights, is augmented in this release with these enhancements: 

  • Calix Support Cloud (CSC) introduces new features for customer experience organizations to proactively improve the subscriber experience via additional insights and frontline enablement. Frontline teams can now configure and optimize settings for EDGE Suites from CSC to best meet individual subscriber needs, extending the previous visibility and ability to remotely roll out the new services. The enhancements to the dashboard deliver more insights to proactively lower call volumes and improve truck rolls. 
  • Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) has always helped marketers segment campaigns toward work from home subscribers. With this release, that segmentation feature has been refined and improved to help you better communicate with your subscribers. As your subscribers continue to work from home, they will want reliable service for their video conference calls and other online work needs. Thanks to the CMC enhancements, you can tailor your messages appropriately to better promote those services.  

EDGE Systems—In the last release (20.3 in August), we announced the availability of the BLAST u4 and Mesh BLAST u4m systems, combining carrier-class reliability, ultimate Wi-Fi 6 technology, and great design. Just prior to Release 20.4, we announced the BLAST u6x, the world’s first all-in-one Ethernet/GPON/XGS-PON Wi-Fi 6 system, which will be available in 2021. 

All GigaSpire BLAST systems are powered by EXOS, are fully integrated with Support Cloud and Marketing Cloud, and allow you to leverage both the CommandIQ™ subscriber application and the Revenue EDGE Suites. 

Primary enhancements to the EDGE Systems in this release include: 

  • Performance/steering improvements that will result in a better connected experience for subscribers; 
  • Security enhancements, designed to prevent port scanning and Internet-based hacking; 
  • New troubleshooting features, built into the Enhanced Web Interface (EWI) for all GigaSpire BLAST systems; and 
  • Certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance (the BLAST u4 and Mesh BLAST u4m systems now hold the ‘Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™’ designation). 

EDGE Services—In Release 20.4, CommandIQ™ now has the option to display all settings in French.  


EDGE Suites—This release features the addition of ‘My Priorities’ within ExperienceIQ™, providing application and device prioritization. Having the ability to prioritize the types of traffic coming into the home network (e.g., video or gaming), as well as the devices accessing bandwidth (e.g., TV, laptop, gaming system) allows subscribers to maintain a level of control over their connected experience. For example, when a subscriber wants to stream a movie to their TV, they do not want the kids’ gaming systems to disrupt their experience. Similarly, those working from home might want to ensure that their laptop and other work-related devices get priority during the hours of 8am-6pm. 


EDGE Enablement—Our customers using the Revenue EDGE solution have access to hundreds of world-class EDGE Enablement marketing assets, allowing you to quickly and easily launch branded campaigns that leverage the real-time behavioral insights provided by Marketing Cloud. These assets range from digital advertisements, mobile marketing, product support collateral, branding, subscriber education guides, support and promo videos, and web /social media templates. In 20.4, we have: 

  • Prioritized video as it is an invaluable asset to educate, inform, and engage subscribers; and 
  • Launched the Market Activation Video Editor (MAVE), to help your marketing teams personalize BLAST videos and deliver world-class educational and promotional videos that highlight your brand. With MAVE, it has never been easier or faster to elevate your brand on Calix-provided BLAST subscriber videos to deliver an amazing custom marketing asset in minutes, at no cost.

Read Press Release: Marketing Teams Can Make the Most of the Work-from-Anywhere Reality With the Latest Enhancements to Calix Revenue EDGE Solution

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Intelligent Access EDGE

Expanding the breadth and depth of our end-to-end XGS-PON based solution portfolio with the newly launched Calix GP1100X 10G PON GigaPoint ONT

With the 20.4 release, we once again focused our efforts on not only delivering new enhanced feature functionalities but also on simplifying everything that relates to delivering a high quality subscriber experience. Many new and existing communications service providers (CSPs) are building AXOS-powered Intelligent Access EDGE networks with XGS-PON as the underlying technology of choice. The primary driver being the ability to deliver symmetrical high-bandwidth upstream services that their subscribers need as they work and learn from anywhere. Leading CSPs understand that the access network is a long-term investment and are choosing AXOS to future-proof their network as they embrace today’s new technologies. 

The 20.4 update introduces the market launch of the GP1100X 10G PON ONT. Simple to install, activate, and maintain, the Calix GP1100X GigaPoint is a high-performance, indoor, XGS-PON ONT with a 2.5G Ethernet (GE) interface to enable CSPs to cost effectively deliver greater than 1G for residential IPTV and data services, along with one voice line that supports carrier-grade VoIP. The GP1100X GigaPoint is optimized for residential applications, providing a single 2.5GE LAN port that enables more than a gigabit of symmetrical services over XGS-PON and is fully supported by the Intelligent Access EDGE portfolio of systems.  


Highlights of the 20.4 release include: 


EDGE Systems 

In AXOS Release 20.4, we continue to expand our use cases on the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System and the Aggregation Services Manager (ASM3001) with the following: 

  • Subscriber Management Module (SMm) moves into the EAP (Early Adopter Program). 
  • Simplified operational processes to add an E9-2 to an existing network by only requiring CSPs to know the end user VLAN ranges rather than individual end-user VLAN IDs. This feature allows for faster deployment and reduces the opportunity for errors to occur. 
  • Extended the transport functionality to include support for G.8032 and ERPS access rings. This feature adds greater flexibility by providing the ability to disaggregate services by VLAN on supported rings via a single fiber. 
  • RADIUS Authentication and Authorization - with this release, RADIUS authentication has been enabled for PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) via the ASM3001. RADIUS servers, as one of the more commonly utilized authentication functions in existing networks today, provides a more cos efficient option over PCRF and Diameter. 
    • IPv6 is not supported in the aforementioned configuration. 

With the E7-2 Intelligent Modular System, we are delivering expanded functionality inclusive of:  

  • IP Class Map support for the E7-2 GPON and XGS-PON OLTs - this capability leverages L2 transport to enable L3 subscriber service flows. This will extend remote cabinet support via the E7-2 and will introduce more expanded deployment opportunities within MSO markets. 
  • IPDR data collection capabilities for subscriber counters for billing and accounting. 
  • The ability to monitor the E7-2 system remotely in terms of the number of PON utilization and ONT data statistics that can be reported via IPFIX--both of these elements should open up additional service deployment opportunities of E7 within MSO markets. 

EDGE Tools 

This EDGE Tools release continues our efforts to enhance the automation capabilities within SMx.  The enhancements delivered include: 

  • Issue Alarm Notification Alerts via Email - this was a feature functionality that many of you have been asking for….and that is for non-CMS customers having the ability to create email subscriptions to receive alarms directly in SMx with the same functionality that CMS customers possess today.  
  • Automating process for reporting AXOS Active Subscribers - with 20.4 we or should I say SMx, as part of your AXOS contract, is simplifying your ability to count and report active AXOS subscribers on your networks on a monthly basis. 
  • Lastly, if you recall we introduced the Automated Network Service provisioning feature back in 20.3, which basically eliminated the need to specify the OLT when you are doing back end integration or provisioning services via the SMx GUI. With 20.4 , SMx will provide alarm and event notifications to back end systems so they can maintain an updated view of their back end systems relative to automatic adds, moves and changes that are affected by the automated network service provisioning capability. SMx will also proactively provide notifications of common installation errors when installing an ONT. 

Read Press Release: Latest Calix Intelligent Access EDGE Release Allows Network Operations to Meet Growing Demand for High-Bandwidth Services

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Download the GP1100X Data Sheet (Login Required)

Calix Services

New! Take partnership with Calix Support to the next level!

Calix Support has launched two new premium services to help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) accelerate problem resolution, proactively address subscriber issues, and expand the skills, expertise, and capabilities of their network operations teams without adding headcount. 

Calix Premier Support provides live access and fast sub-thirty-minute response by Calix Support Engineering Specialists on all service affecting issues. It further empowers your team with additional opportunities to engage experts to help improve your troubleshooting and analysis of issues impacting your subscribers and provides additional knowledge transfer opportunities and discounts to training.

The Service Delivery Manager is a premium customer engagement resource that provides unparalleled, hands-on incident management and facilitates the resolution of issues related to your existing and new technologies. 

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Download Calix Support Services Solution Brief

Download Service Delivery Manager Solution Brief

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NEW! Plan better, build faster with the Accelerator Bundle

The Accelerator  bundle is a collection of discounted essential Calix Services critical to help new CSPs properly plan and deploy their broadband networks or help existing CSPs expand or upgrade rapidly. This bundle is well suited for CSPs wanting to accelerate their AXOS E9-2 Layer 2 or Layer 3, AXOS E7-2, and EXA E7-2 projects. The bundle includes:

  • Network Consulting Services block of 20 hours
  • Deployment Services including Network Design Turnup and Test for one node and Network Management turn up
  • MobilePRO Express Premises Installation package
  • An Individual Education Subscription

We’ll deploy your broadband network using the latest industry best practices on time and on budget and your team will gain critical knowledge along the way. Find out more.

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