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Check out our third quarter releases

Calix Portfolio News

Check out our third quarter releases

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Calix Third Quarter 2020 Release Summary

Calix is committed to making it easier for our customers to keep up with the latest platform and solution releases across our entire portfolio. To ensure that we provide a consistent and predictable view of our new capabilities each quarter, we have moved to a standard release cadence. Every quarter we will share our latest releases starting in the second week of the second month.

Here you will find all of the latest software and hardware updates to our strategic platforms—Calix Cloud, EXOS, AXOS, and Calix Services. We will also provide updates to our integrated solutions such as Revenue EDGE and Intellgent Access EDGE.


Revenue EDGE

The ultimate subscriber experience, all while complying with shifting regulatory requirements

The updated Revenue EDGE solution enables you to continue to shift your business model. You can ensure the delivery of the ultimate broadband/Wi-Fi experience and offer value-added services that subscribers are willing to pay for; all while meeting the regulatory requirements associated with government funding, such as CAF II.

Highlights of the 20.3 Release include:


EDGE Insights — Differentiated experiences are delivered by leveraging data insights, not just by delivering applications. The careful integration of insights and visibility of key applications, through EDGE Insights, is what Release 20.3 is all about. Some of the enhancements include:

Calix Support Cloud (CSC) introduces:

  • New dashboards for interactive reports: Advanced data visualization and dynamic filtering empowering customer care leaders to easily discover opportunities to improve subscriber experience and lower operating costs.
  • New updates to broadband performance testing: FCC-compliant speed and latency test execution and reporting for CAF.
  • Many other enhancements, including improved capabilities for Wi-Fi, client troubleshooting, and role-based access control (RBAC) along with the ability to manage the new GigaSpire BLAST u4 and u4m systems (available this Fall).

Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) introduces:

  • ProtectIQ insights: allowing you to quickly and easily see the aggregate number and types of security threats that have been blocked for your subscribers. This data can be used to create a monthly report that you can share with subscribers to demonstrate the value of the service, or in a promotional campaign to encourage the adoption of this service to keep the home network safe. 
  • GigaSpire and Wi-Fi insights: New insights have been added to the household device trend lens for easy viewing. 

EDGE Systems  Unlike traditional Wi-Fi gateways—which are static pieces of hardware—all Calix EDGE Systems are part of the Revenue EDGE. GigaSpire BLAST systems can be improved and enhanced, adding new functionality that can increase subscriber satisfaction and generate additional revenue for years to come, thanks to the power of EXOS.

In Release 20.3, the EDGE Systems feature several enhancements, including:

  • Dynamic channel selection (DCS)
  • Dynamic frequency selection (DFS)
  • Enhanced security functionality
  • Certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance (all BLAST u6 systems now hold the ‘Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™’ designation)

EDGE Services You can enable optional secure onboarding from within Support Cloud in Release 20.3. This adds an authentication step in CommandIQ during the onboarding process, requesting that subscribers enter their Account Number. Subscribers with a GigaCenter (using the R12.2.11 software load) will also see added functionality for Basic Parental Controls, enabling Time Limits to set offline blocks of time.


EDGE Enablement — EDGE Enablement updates in Release 20.3 continue to enhance your efforts around the Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience, reducing your marketing costs and accelerating your go-to-market plans. 

Release 20.3 includes:

  • New Electronic Content Builder (ECB): Create and customize marketing collateral online with a few simple clicks. The ECB gives CSPs of any size the agility to respond to rapidly-evolving subscriber needs. Combined with the insights from Marketing Cloud, the ECB can be used to swiftly create, launch, and scale branded marketing campaigns to maximize resources and drive improved ROI—all while keeping your brand front and center.


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Intelligent Access EDGE

Automated. Dynamic. Simple. Taking Network Service Provisioning to new heights

Wouldn’t things be simpler, better, and faster if everything we did started with the subscriber?

The winning service provider of tomorrow must be prepared to seamlessly provision, activate, and deploy features on the fly. With that in mind, we focused our efforts on simplifying everything that relates to provisioning services and delivering a high-quality subscriber experience.

The 20.3 update to the Intelligent Access EDGE solution introduces Automated Network Service Provisioning, a dynamic feature delivered by SMx that enables you to automatically pre-provision subscriber services without the OLT, thereby simplifying your ONT activation process by dramatically reducing the time required to install and turn up new services.

Highlights of the 20.3 release include:


EDGE Systems — In AXOS Release 20.3, the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System continues to deliver expanded functionality for Layer 2 and Layer 3 customer applications. Enhancements include:

  • Improved Layer 2 transport resiliency using ring protection. Support is added for both G.8032 and ERPS ring protection, providing additional capabilities for the E9-2 both as upstream transport as well as for aggregation of downstream network elements.
  • Extended XGS-PON Optical Distribution Network (ODN) flexibility using N2 optics.
  • AXOS toolbox enhancements. Enhancements are made to Local Packet Capture (tcpdump), expanding its abilities as a valuable troubleshooting tool to inspect TCP/IP and other packets received and transmitted by the E9-2. In addition, VCA capability has been added allowing for troubleshooting of IPTV issues.
  • Layer 2 local switching to support additional Layer 2 PON and aggregation use cases.

With the E7-2 Intelligent Modular System, we are delivering expanded functionality inclusive of:

  • ENNI Rate Limiting per VLAN - this feature supports service providers that would like to connect to 3rd party equipment and want the ability to rate limit the ENNI connection on a per VLAN basis.
  • ENNI P-Bit Manipulation - this feature supports service providers that would like to connect to 3rd party equipment with the ability to modify the priority bit settings on specific incoming VLAN traffic over an ENNI LAG connection.   
  • Extended XGS-PON Optical Distribution Network (ODN) flexibility using N2 optics.

EDGE Tools — This EDGE Tools release enhances the AXOS Services Management Connector (SMx), adding new levels of serviceability and flexibility that reduce complexity while offering significant time and operational savings. In addition, as mentioned above, we’ve expanded the reach of our AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox to the E9-2 by providing enhanced troubleshooting capabilities in the form of Local Packet Capture and VCA.


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Calix Services

NEW! Revenue EDGE Customer Success Services

Calix wants your launch and roll-out of EDGE Suites, Services and Systems to be exceptional and successful. Our Customer Success team has developed a new premier success offering that builds on the capabilities and benefits of Marketing Cloud and Support Cloud Customer Success Services to help you accelerate and grow your subscribers’ adoption of Revenue EDGE Suites, Systems, and Services.

Calix Revenue EDGE Customer Success Services provide you faster time-to-market and helps you get improved adoption of EDGE Suites, Systems and Services to help you better address competition, generate revenue, and increase subscriber lifetime value.

It benefits your Marketing, Customer Support and Field Installation teams and is exclusively offered to Revenue EDGE customers—at no additional charge—who have currently invested in both Marketing Cloud and Support Cloud Customer Success premier level services! Find out how you can start taking advantage of all the great resources, insight, training, and guidance today.


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NEW! Testing and Certification now included with the EDGE Enablement Workshop

Training is paramount for our customers and we’ve added another value-added feature to the EDGE Enablement Workshop to help you operationalize Revenue EDGE with your Field Installation and Customer Support teams.

The workshop now includes—at no additional charge—an exam on the extensive material covered during the multi-day workshop and an opportunity for up to ten learners to earn a Wi-Fi Specialist Certification Badge. Contact your Calix Account Executive for more information.


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