About Calix Support Cloud - Device Management Edition

As an integral part of the Revenue EDGE solution, Calix Support Cloud provides a world-class services application for operators to manage systems at the subscriber premises. Designed for use by multiple teams within a Broadband Service Provider's organization (network operations, installers, customer support), the Device Management Edition of Calix Support Cloud addresses key elements of support metrics and overall ROI by reducing the number of incoming call escalations to second-line support, truck rolls with unnecessary swap-outs, and churn.

Calix Support Cloud - Device Management Edition includes features that simplify network operations' and service technicians' workflows, enabling them to quickly manage systems and troubleshoot subscriber issues. Additionally, support and installation teams have greater access to a holistic view of the subscriber experience, enabling them to focus on subscriber upsell opportunities, such as upgrading service tiers or promoting managed Wi-Fi services based on customer data and preferences.

With Calix Support Cloud - Device Management Edition, you can realize the following benefits:

For complete information about Calix Support Cloud and its features and benefits, see the Overview topic in the Help guide.

About this Document

This document constitutes the Calix Support Cloud Calix Support Cloud - Device Management Edition R23.2 release notes, providing information about new features and enhancements in this release as well as resolved and open issues.

For further information on using Calix Cloud products, refer to user documentation available in the My Calix Documentation Library.

What's New in this Release

New features and enhancements introduced in release R23.2:


New Feature / Enhancement

Description / Benefits

Subscriber Services


Calix EDGE systems support: GigaSpire u10xe (GS4237)

  • New Calix EXOS EDGE systems support: GigaSpire BLAST u10xe (GS4237); Provides management and services provisioning for GigaSpire BLAST u10xe systems.

GigaSpire systems: Expanded factory reset behavior

  • Ensures that the provisioning record retains primary SSID information after a factory reset initiated from Support Cloud, EWI, or hard reset.

Subscriber record enhancements

  • Quality of Experience (QoE)score drilldown — Ability to double-click on a QoE score and view details of time frame associated with an impact event.
  • Column sorting for Client Devices table — Allows CSRs to sort the Client Devices table by any column (e.g., Signal Strength).
  • Network outage notification — Displays an alert on the subscriber record when the subscriber experiences an internet outage.

ONT insights for CSRs

  • Provides alerting, service data, and service provisioning data for ONTs to help CSRs identify PON issues for subscribers.

Calix SmartLife Managed Services enhancements

  • ExperienceIQ/ProtectIQ branding — Ability to rename ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ for appearance in the CommandIQ app. (Please contact Customer Success Manager before updating service names.)



Access Control List (ACL) profiles for Remote Access and VoIP interfaces

  • Ability to create ACL entries for remote management and VoIP interfaces via workflows.
  • Reduces the security risk for WAN interfaces with remote management enabled for extended periods.

Calix Cloud maintenance window warning for scheduled CAF speed tests

  • Notifies NetOps engineers if a scheduled CAF speed test coincides with a quarterly Calix Cloud maintenance window as this may affect completeness of speed test.  
  • Allows NetOps engineers to plan additional tests and produce complete results for testing requirements.


RBAC option to enforce mandatory Call Outcome use

  • New role-based access control (RBAC) option allows Org Admins to enforce mandatory Call Outcome use for Support Cloud users.

For a summary of additional Calix Cloud enhancements in this release not specific to this application, please refer to the Release Notes for the Calix Cloud Platform.

Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in this release:

Subscriber Services


Notes, Constraints, and Considerations


Calix Premises Systems

Open Issues

The following are known open issues in this release:

Subscriber Services

Supported Premises Systems

Calix Support Cloud currently supports/is compatible with the following premises systems:


Premises Systems

Calix EXOS GigaFamily

  • GigaSpire Blast RG systems: u6.1/u6.2* (GS4227E, GS4220E), u6e (GS2037), u4 (GS2028E), u12 (GS2026E, GS2020E), u10xe (GS4237)
  • GigaSpire Blast integrated (RG + ONT) systems: u10xe (GS4237), u6x* (GS4227, GS4227W), u4xg (GS2128XG), u4g (GS2128G)
  • GigaPro systems: p6he (GPR2032H)
  • GigaSpire Blast u4-2 (MGS2028E-2) and u4m-2 (MGM1028-2) for UK, Australia, and New Zealand
  • GigaSpire Blast mesh satellites: u6me (GM2037), u4m (GM1028E), GigaMesh (GM1020), u4hm (GM1028H)

    * These systems are also supported for use by international operators

Calix 800-Series GigaFamily

  • 844GE, 844G, 854G, 844E, and 844F/FB GigaCenters
  • 812G (v1/v2), 813G (v1/v2), 814G, 818G, 819G, 822G, and 823G GigaHubs
  • 801F/801FB GigaPoints
  • 804Mesh

Calix P-Series & T-Series ONTs

  • P-Series: 7xxGE ONTs, 836GE RSG (AE and GPON modes)
  • T-Series: T-0xxG, Version R6.3.1.6 (R4.1.51.32) or higher

Certified Third-party (Non-Calix)

  • ActionTec: T3200k, T3200M, T3260, C1900A, C3000A
  • Adtran: 854-6, 834-5, 841-T6
  • Arris: TG862, TG2472GP2, DG860, DG2470A-NA, DG2470A, DG3450A, TG3452A, NVG448BQ, NVG468MQ
  • AVM: Fritzbox-7590
  • BEC: 7800TN, 8920NE, 8920AC
  • Comtrend: NL-3112u, NL-3120, NL-3122, NL-3240, NL-5631, AR-5220u, AR-5312u, AR-5381u, VR-3030, VR-3031u, VR-3060, VR3033, CT-5072T, CT-5361, CT-5374, CT-5621, CT-5631, AR-5319, VR-3071, PBL 6201, WR-6895, PRT 6301, PRT 6302
  • Huawei: HG658 V2
  • MikroTik: RB941-2nd, RB952Ui-5ac2nD
  • NetGear: 6300
  • Nokia: HA-030W-B
  • Pace: 5168N-110, 5268AC
  • ReadyNet: AC1000M, AC1200MS, AC1300MS
  • SmartRGs: SR905acv, SR616ac, SR555ac, SR555, SR516ac, SR515ac, SR510N, SR506N, SR505N, SR501, 500NE, SR400ac, SR360N, 360N, SR360, 350NE, 300NE, 300N
  • TechniColor: TG582Nv2, C2000T
  • Technity Solutions: W3000PRO
  • TP-LINK: Archer C80, Archer C5
  • VisionNet: 505n, 625n
  • Zhone: zNID GPON 2424A & 2424A1, zNID GPON 2426A & 2426A1, zNID GPON 2428A1 & 2428B1, 6519-A2-xx, 6729, 6768-W1-xx, zNID-GE-2726A1 NA
  • ZyXEL: VSG1432, VSG1435, VMG1302-T10A, VMG3925-B10A, VMG4381-B10A, VMG4325-B10A, VMG4380, VMG-4825, VMG4825-B10A-TR181-HTC, VMG4927-B50A, VMG-9823, EMG2926-Q10A, EMG3425-Q10A, EMG6726-B10A, P-660HN-51, WAP6804, VMG9823-B10, EX5510-B0-TR181, DX5510-B0, EX 3510, VMG3927, VMG4005, EMG 2881, WAP WX 3310, DX4510-B0, EX3301-T0, PK5001Z

Certified Third-party CPE Systems

Adherence to industry standards allows Calix Support Cloud to support more than 100 third-party premises systems. Calix performs rigorous interoperability testing of third-party CPE to the TR-069, TR-098, TR-181, and TR-143 standards. CPE that complete this interoperability testing receive a "certified" designation and become listed on the Support Cloud Certified Third-Party CPE Systems chart. Refer to this chart for any known issues with these systems.

Additional Resources

Calix Support Cloud - Device Management Edition Help - For current information on using application features, see the Calix Support Cloud - Device Management Edition Help.

Calix Community Discussions and Articles - For more information on new features/enhancements in this and other recent software releases, check out the discussions and articles for Calix Support Cloud in the Calix Community.

Operational Information

Client System Requirements for Calix Cloud

Using Calix Cloud requires the following minimum client software:



Web Browser

  • Chrome v100.0.4896.88 or above
  • Firefox 96.0 or above

Note: Internet Explorer is not supported on the Calix Cloud Platform.

Calix Technical Support

Web: My Calix

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