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As an integral part of the Revenue EDGE solution > EDGE Insights offering, Calix Marketing Cloud empowers marketers with targeted, on-demand analytics and intelligence based on subscriber segmentation. Calix Marketing Cloud enables broadband service providers (BSPs) to identify Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to drive marketing campaigns that may immediately increase ARPU, increase retention, and deliver an unmatched subscriber experience, all while delivering a compelling return on investment on their marketing dollars. Further, the upsell features help BSPs to identify the most strategic geographies or demographics in which to invest their marketing dollars (i.e., gamers or streaming video subscribers in a specific community).

For complete information about Calix Marketing Cloud and its features and benefits, see the Overview topic in the Help guide.

About this Document

This document constitutes the Calix Marketing Cloud Calix Marketing Cloud R23.2 release notes, providing information about new features and enhancements in this release as well as resolved and open issues.

For more information on using Calix Cloud products, refer to Help documentation available in the My Calix Documentation Library.

What's New in this Release

New features and enhancements introduced in release R23.2:


New Feature / Enhancement

Description / Benefits

Explore Data

Campaign audience filters

  • Filter and view insights for campaign-specific audiences.
  • Create follow-up campaigns to target subscribers who did not engage with a campaign.



Service limit hit event trigger for Mailchimp email campaigns

  • Increase subscriber retention Deploy a Mailchimp email campaign to subscribers who exceed a specified number of service limit hits.
  • Simplify campaign execution — Automatically add subscribers to the campaign as they exceed the defined threshold.

Revenue tracking for campaign-specific audiences

  • Track total campaign revenue and average revenue per campaign member for a campaign audience rather than for a segment.
  • Ensures accurate revenue reporting from the time an audience is deployed to the time a campaign ends.

For a summary of additional Calix Cloud enhancements in this release not specific to this application, please refer to the Release Notes for the Calix Cloud Platform.

Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in this release:

Notes, Constraints, and Considerations

Open Issues

The following are known open issues in this release:

Additional Resources

Calix Marketing Cloud Help - For current information on using Calix Marketing Cloud features, see the Calix Marketing Cloud Help.

Calix Marketing Cloud Implementation Guide - For information on implementing Calix Marketing Cloud, please see the Calix Cloud: Marketing Cloud Implementation Guide.

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Operational Information

Client System Requirements for Calix Cloud

Using Calix Cloud requires the following minimum client software:



Web Browser

  • Chrome v100.0.4896.88 or above
  • Firefox 96.0 or above

Note: Internet Explorer is not supported on the Calix Cloud Platform.

Calix Technical Support

Web: My Calix

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