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Uploading the Default Configuration File

If you forget your password or cannot access the E3-12C/E5-120/E5-121, you must reload the factory-default configuration file. Uploading the factory-default configuration file replaces the current configuration file with the factory-default configuration file. This means that you will lose all previous configurations and the speed of the console port will be reset to the default of 9600 bps with 8 data bit, no parity, one stop bit and flow control set to none. The password will also be reset to “1234” with the IP address of

Important: Uploading the factory default configuration file erases the entire E3-12C/E5-120/E5-121 configuration.

Obtain the default configuration file, unzip it and save it in a folder. Use a console cable to connect a computer with terminal emulation software to the E3-12C/E5-120/E5-121 console port. Turn the E3-12C/E5-120/E5-121 off and then on to begin a session. When you turn on the E3-12C/E5-120/E5-121 again you will see the initial screen. When you see the message "Press any key to enter Debug Mode within 3 seconds", press any key to enter debug mode.

To upload the configuration file

  1. Type atlc after the Enter Debug Mode message.
  2. Wait for the Starting XMODEM upload message before activating XMODEM upload on your terminal.
  3. Click Transfer, then Send File to display the following screen. This is an example Xmodem configuration upload using HyperTerminal.


  4. Type the configuration file's location, or click Browse to search for it. Select the 1K Xmodem protocol. Click Send.
  5. After a successful configuration file upload, type atgo to restart the E3-12C/E5-120/E5-121.

The E3-12C/E5-120/E5-121 is now re-initialized with a default configuration file including the default password of “1234”.