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Service Provisioning Examples

This chapter describes various provisioning examples for the Calix E7 GPON solution.

Topics Covered

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Data services overall process
  • Video services overall process
  • MVR video services overall process
  • Voice services overall process
  • Home Gateway service external mode
  • Home Gateway IPTV service over L2 bridge Wi-Fi
  • Home Gateway IPTV service over RG Wi-Fi
  • Home Gateway service native mode
  • Home Gateway TR-069
  • QoS service models

In This Section

Example: Data Services

Example: Video Services

Example: MVR Video Services

Example: SIP GW Voice Services

Example: HGW Service - External Mode

Example: Multicast IPTV over L2 Bridge Wi-Fi

Example: Multicast IPTV over RG Wi-Fi

Example: HGW Service - P-Series Native Mode

Example: HGW Service - TR-069

QoS Service Model Examples