April 23, 2020 by Teresa McGaughey

Fiber—It’s Not Just for Breakfast


Have you ever been on a video conference call that freezes? You are in the middle of a sentence and everything stops. You hope it comes back quickly, but sometimes you spend the next several minutes trying to get back into the conference. Meanwhile, the rest of the team has moved on to another topic and your point is lost. Its’ pretty frustrating.

We are in a new normal where people are working from home and likely will continue in some cases for quite some time. This has highlighted the need not just for bandwidth but, more specifically, symmetric bandwidth. Gone are the days when we pay attention to our downstream bandwidth only. We must have upstream bandwidth for our video conference calls, our Ring door bells, our security cameras, and much more.

Optical, not breakfast, fiber is the one media that ensures a reliable, high bandwidth service to your subscribers that delivers truly symmetrical speeds. Fiber has a carrying capacity that is over 30 times greater than wireless and over 300 times greater than coax. This capacity makes it the best media to future proof your network and provide the best service you can.

It is interesting to note, that with all the benefits of fiber, only 40 percent of U.S. homes have been passed with fiber. But based on recent events, it is expected that many service providers will look to upgrade their networks to fiber from their existing copper and coax and new alternative service providers will start deploying broadband over fiber.

If you are considering an upgrade to fiber but are new to PON deployments or getting ready to deploy 10G PON, please join us in next week’s webinar Deploying PON:  Separating Fact from Fiction. You will learn about the various PON technologies, as well as best practices and deployment architectures to help you future proof your network.