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The demands of business class services such as those of Small and Medium Business (SMB) and mobile backhaul carriers,  are unique. These services require contractual service level agreements (SLA), whose violation comes with economic penalties . MEF has defined standards for delivery and verification of business services leveraging ITU and IEEE standards.  Service Verify leveragess ITU standards Y.1564 Ethernet service activation test methodology and Y.1731 performance monitoring to ensure that the delivered service meets contractual SLA requirements.  Service Verify enables service provider defined SLAs based on frame loss, delay and variation KPIs collected from the network. 

Service Verify Key Features

Service Verify is a cloud deployed software as a service (SaaS) offering that delivers subscription based management of Ethernet Business Services (EBS) SLAs:

  • Support for Y.1564 service activation test and Y.1731 performance management
  • Data driven SLAs based on service provider KPIs
  • Support for E5 Ethernet Access Nodes and third party Ethernet NIDs
  • Subscriber portal for subscriber management of SAT and SLA reports
  • Integrates with CMS for E5 node and service discovery
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