Planning Cloud

Precision network investment

Designed for network planners and operations

Planning Cloud

Planning Cloud supports network resource optimization with a user configurable dashboard that combines network and service inventory, network and performance to predict congestion before it happens

Calix Cloud delivers the metrics your team needs to be successful every day, while reducing total cost of ownership and increasing ROI.

Discover network investment clues found in subscriber behaviors

See the pattern, focus the investment. Planning Cloud lifts the veil on network utilization and capacity planning.

  • Subscriber and network utilization
  • Identify demand spikes
  • Current and historical trend analysis

Simplify the process of predicting future network needs

Every port, card, and system in your network has a story to tell. Planning Cloud extracts counter and event data from your network, correlates with subscriber configuration data, and presents actionable recommendations that match network capacity to service demands.

  • Per-service and per-flow usage data
  • Correlation of utilization and subscriber configuration data
  • Open APIs for back office integration

Elevate the Return on your Investments

Who, what, and when. Planning Cloud takes the guess work out of network investment, turning a cost burden to a strategic ROI-driven investment.  Identify the top locations for network builds based on analysis of subscriber data utilization, equipment congestion, and time of day patterns.

  • Match network investments to service demand
  • Collect and analyze network interface and PON utilization
  • Summarize interfaces that exceed high usage thresholds
  • Automated reports that predict network congestion
  • Open APIs for back office integration