Operations Cloud

Minimize the cost of running your network

Designed for engineering and operations

Operations Cloud

Operations Cloud provides an end-to-end view of your network, simplifying service delivery and optimizing network performance. Software automated Zero Touch device and service configuration accelerate deployment time, while intuitive workflows and templates eliminate tedious and error-prone operations. Search, alarm, and performance monitoring normalized across the access network speed analysis and remove the uncertainty from daily operations.

Calix Cloud delivers the metrics your team needs to be successful every day, while reducing total cost of ownership and increasing  ROI.

Discover time savings through automation and simplification

Focus on services, not network technology. Operations Cloud workflows simplify service definition and delivery over Calix networks from the subscriber premise to the data center.

  • Single pane of glass reduces training and support costs
  • Ensure consistency across the service delivery network
  • Enable mass service configuration
  • Support for voice, data, video and Wi-Fi service bundles
  • Open APIs for back office integration

Simplify network issue resolution through automation and analytics

Reduce service impact and time to repair network issues. Operations Cloud accelerates trouble resolution by associating real-time service and network state information with subscriber data to prioritize technical resource allocation.

  • Minimize impact of service affecting outages
  • Correlate network alarms to affected subscribers
  • Escalate issues based on number of subscriber affected
  • Generate affected subscriber service reports
  • Open APIs for back office integration

Elevate network efficiency by addressing network impacting demands and delivering bandwidth just in time

Operations Cloud accelerates service delivery from subscriber edge to the data center.

  • Zero Touch device and service configuration
  • Intuitive workflows and templates e
  • Normalized search, alarm and performance monitoring