October 6, 2021 by Todd Graden

Achieve Marketing Greatness! Learn How at the New Broadband Marketing Academy


How can a small team achieve marketing greatness? Our new Broadband Marketing Academy has everything you need to train your teams and learn the marketing best practices that will help you elevate your brand, excite your subscribers, and grow the value of your business.

What Broadband Marketers Need To Succeed

Let’s start by examining what broadband service provider (BSP) marketers need to succeed.

  • Use data to understand your subscribers’ needs. You must analyze subscriber data to understand their needs and behaviors. What motivates them? What are the patterns in their behavior and usage of bandwidth and services?

  • Understand your competition. How can you differentiate?

  • Map the subscriber journey. The best BSPs create a series of touchpoints to engage with subscribers.

  • Segment your subscriber base. You’ll also need to craft messaging and content that will resonate with each specific audience.

  • Create compelling new offers and execute flawless launches. How can you continuously deliver the services that will excite your subscribers?

  • Run multi-channel campaigns, analyze the performance, and measure the results. And many BSPs need to do all this with small teams and limited budgets.

Helping BSPs Master Marketing To Engage Subscribers and Elevate Their Brand

It seems like the list of responsibilities for BSP marketers is never-ending. Calix provides platforms, integrations, and resources that make marketing your broadband services easy, cost-effective, and impactful. With the launch of Broadband Marketing Academy, we’re going one step further to provide expert insights, knowledge, and training. We will help you develop and master a wide range of marketing skills, whether you have a marketing title or wear other hats in your company.

How does Broadband Marketing Academy work? It starts with the basics and progressively moves you through five levels of expertise. Courses tackle such topics as email marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, and mobile app marketing. We also provide best practices for customer service representatives (CSRs), product marketing, and content marketing.

Sample Courses in Broadband Marketing Academy

“Mobile App Marketing—Where to Begin?”
In this entry-level course, you’ll learn how a mobile app can contribute to your marketing and why you need a branded and personalized app. You’ll gain insights on how to communicate directly with subscribers and sell services through an app.

“Product Marketing—Product Packaging to Cater to Customer Segments”
Learn how to package services to meet the specific needs of different segments of your subscriber base. You’ll dig into the buyer psychology of broadband pricing, examining areas including tiered pricing and price anchors. You’ll define packing, bundling, upselling and cross-selling paths and learn how to scale and monetize managed Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6 and beyond, and Wi-Fi as a service.

“Social Media Marketing—Impressions, Clicks, Likes, Shares … Which KPIs Matter Most?
After this course, you’ll understand the difference between KPIs across various social media channels and even organic vs. paid media. You’ll be able to effectively use Facebook and Twitter analytics, as well as other tools, and generate aggregated dashboard reports from multiple social channels.

We’re making it easy for you and your team to take advantage of the informative and engaging content available in Broadband Marketing Academy. It’s all online, so you can go at your own pace, and the courses take just minutes to complete. Best of all, the academy is free for Calix Marketing Cloud customers.

Now every member of your organization has access to the training and education they need to achieve marketing greatness. This investment will help you eliminate subscriber churn, attract new subscribers, and generate new revenue streams. We can’t wait to support you on your marketing journey.

Achieve marketing excellence! Sign up for Broadband Marketing Academy today!