June 28, 2021 by Quanda Hunter

How a Broadband Mobile App Will Excite Your Subscribers and Lower Support Costs


Eighty-five. That’s how many apps I have downloaded to my mobile phone. Sounds like a lot—but that matches the average smart-phone user, who has around 80 apps installed on his or her mobile device. Market data also shows the average person spends more than four hours each day in mobile apps, a 30 percent increase from two years ago.

Are Mobile Apps Relevant To the Broadband Market?

Clearly, mobile apps are highly popular. But what does this mean for your broadband businesses? Is it worth it to invest in offering your subscribers or members a mobile app to control their in-home experience as part of your managed Wi-Fi offering?

Consider this. According to the research firm Statista, utility apps have a 96.6 percent market reach, ranking third behind social and web browser apps. Almost 97 percent of your subscribers with a mobile device already have a utility app! This tells me that any app you offer to your subscribers as their broadband service provider (BSP) is one that they will most likely want and use.

The Benefits of a Broadband Mobile App for You and Your Subscribers

Imagine the possibility of offering subscribers a utility-based mobile app that could truly transform their Wi-Fi experience. Not only would you elevate the subscriber’s connected home experience, but you could also achieve critical business objectives such as increasing your take rate for new services or meeting KPI goals like reducing support calls.

Many Calix customers are already promoting and encouraging download and use of their branded version of the Calix CommandIQ® mobile app. It’s the only consumer designed mobile app created for BSPs to showcase their brand (and only their brand) while giving subscribers a simple solution to manage their entire connected home experience. Back in March, we published a blog post, “5 Great Examples That Prove Broadband Subscribers Will Download and Use a Mobile App,”  sharing how Calix customers (Bascom Mutual Telephone, Jade Communications, Norvado, SC Telcom, and Silver Star Communications) were successfully encouraging their subscribers to download their app. Here’s a snapshot of how four of these customers are continuing to drive success with their mobile apps.

  1. Bascom Mutual Telephone: Drove a 95 percent adoption rate of added value services to their app users.
  2. Jade Communications: Ran three effective upsell campaigns, resulting in an ROI of up to 300 percent, due to enhanced audience segmenting and customized messaging made possible with their app and cloud solution. 
  3. Norvado: Self-service mobile app features along with remote cloud management capabilities has dramatically reduced truck rolls and improved operational efficiency.  
  4. Silver Star Communications: Since rolling out their app, beginning in 2020, drove an 81 percent adoption rate of their advanced security service.

A Branded Mobile App Is a Wise Investment for Any Broadband Business Today

A mobile app gives you tremendous opportunity to deliver much value to both your subscribers and your internal teams alike. For marketing teams, a mobile app represents a way to excite subscribers. An app puts the power of controlling the connected experience in the palm of the hand. The app then helps you build brand equity while also ensuring a more effective way to deliver automated communications via in-app notifications.

Customer support teams also benefit from an app. When subscribers can resolve many of their service-related issues on their own and within their mobile app, they call into support teams less. This translates into cost savings and enables your team to invest more time into proactive service initiatives.

This is just the beginning of what you can achieve when you adopt and offer a branded mobile app for your subscribers.

To learn more, download the white paper, “Mobile Apps: The Secret Weapon in Creating an Outstanding Subscriber Experience?” Learn how a mobile apps can elevate your business and get insights into features to look for when rolling out a mobile app to your subscribers.