November 19, 2020 by Greg Owens

Yes, You Can Offer Subscribers a Cool-Looking Wi-Fi System for Their Coffee Tables


Many subscribers want a Wi-Fi system that looks good. In fact, aesthetics are just as important to them as technical specs and performance. 

Why do Wi-Fi systems live in basements? 

That’s why we see so many bulky gateways hidden away in basements or closets. The problem is, Wi-Fi systems don’t work well in basements or closets. This leads to dead zones, limited coverage, and weak Wi-Fi signals. 

So, where do subscribers go for a great-looking Wi-Fi system? Big-box stores. Amazon. They spend hundreds of dollars on Mesh Wi-Fi solutions that will, allegedly, solve all their issues. 

In reality, these consumer-grade systems cause more problems than they solve. Multiple access points (APs) in the home can diminish network reliability and complicate customer support efforts. If the APs are connected wirelessly to the primary residential gateway (RG), over-the-air (OTA) attenuation can cause significant data loss, resulting in lower throughput for the connected devices. And, if your subscribers call you when they experience issues, you are lacking the tools necessary to perform remote troubleshooting.

Finally, a carrier-class Wi-Fi system that can live on the coffee table. 

The good news is that Calix just launched a carrier-class, Wi-Fi 6-certified system that subscribers will be happy to display prominently in their homes. The BLAST u4—with its compact, white, minimalist design—is something subscribers can put on a coffee table, entertainment center, or in any room of the home. (They can even mount it on the wall.)

This ideal placement allows for fewer obstructions and the transmission of strong radio signals, resulting in optimal coverage and throughput. Just as important, it looks great and will prevent subscribers from going to a big-box store to get something pretty—that won’t necessarily help. With the BLAST u4, you can provide performance plus great design. And, as part of the Revenue EDGE, the BLAST u4 will help you continue to deliver the ultimate subscriber experience. 

Check out this new "unboxing" video to get the highlights of the new BLAST u4 Wi-Fi system. If you’re interested in using this video on your web site or in your marketing materials, please contact Joe Kohegyi.